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Growing the Industry by Funding More Research – Part One

Collaborata is the first platform that crowdfunds research, saving clients upwards of 90% on each project. We've asked Collaborata to feature projects they are currently funding on their crowdsourcing platform.



Editor’s Note: How many startups in our industry have as their mission to literally grow the industry by funding more research? That’s what’s drives Collaborata, the first platform that crowd-funds research, saving clients upwards of 90% on each project.

Because we believe not only in Collaborata’s mission, but also the idea of connecting clients and suppliers to collaborate on projects (thereby reducing redundancy!), we’ve asked Collaborata to feature two projects that are currently funding on a biweekly basis. So, without further ado, here are this issue’s two featured projects:


By Peter Zollo

Collaborata Featured Project #1:

“The List: How Brands Rank Among Youth”


Purpose: Brands that win with youth are those that young people can continue to grow into, not out of. “The List” shows you not only how your brand is performing versus your competition on the measures that matter most, but also how to improve and strengthen your brand’s perception and engagement with the post-Millennial cohort — all within a competitive context.

The Pitch: There’s an immediate payoff for brands that succeed with the post-Millennial generation today. An even bigger return is to be had by those fewer brands that grow together with this cohort and strengthen their relationship as young people age up.

Become a co-sponsor and add your brand along with seven other brands you name to the questionnaire. Buy a second share and get either a bonus sample of 20- and 21-year-olds (in addition to 13- to 19-year-olds) OR name seven more brands to be included in the questionnaire.

Deliverable: Report; WebEx presentation; data file; optional in-person presentation by Dan Coates, President of Ypulse

Who’s Backing This: Lead client: the Truth Initiative. Supplier: Ypulse, a youth insights and research expert. Additional support: Peter Zollo, former CEO of TRU and co-founder of Collaborata.

To become a co-sponsor or for more info: or email [email protected].

Collaborata Featured Project #2:

“Optimizing E: A Cross-Category Dive into What Consumers Want in Online Commerce”


Purpose: Uncover the optimal e-commerce equation for consumers across a diverse range of categories—apparel, outdoor equipment, entertainment, hardware, and travel—thereby identifying drivers of satisfaction that transcend categories, while understanding which vary uniquely by category, and why. Discover if and how all of this differs among Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers.

The Pitch: No question: E-commerce has come a long way in gaining wider consumer acceptance and engagement. But greater insights backed by new data can provide strategic and tactical guidance as to how to optimize the full e-commerce experience for consumers. This study would not be to compare e-commerce to brick-and-mortar, but to find its own optimal equation to drive greater growth and consumer engagement.

Deliverable: Full report; Web-based presentation.

Who’s Backing This: Lead client: Mediavest | Spark, a world-renowned media agency. Supplier: Bovitz, Inc., a market research and strategy agency.

To become a co-sponsor or for more info: or email [email protected].

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