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Monthly Dose of Design

In this series, I will be offering you tips and advice on how to do this through imaginative and creative design! Keep reading my posts to find out more!

Hello and thanks for reading the first post in my blog series based on design in the world of market research!

At first, I’d like to introduce myself by telling you a little bit about my background, what I do and why I’m writing these pieces. I then would like to give you a backstory about the concept behind “Monthly Dose of Design” and what I will write and share with you through the next couple of months. Hopefully, this will give you enough reasons to continue reading and get inspired to apply some of the information I share with you into your work!

So let’s get started…

A Little Bit About Me

I studied design for graphic communication and graduated from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London in 2014. Shortly after my graduation, I started my career at Northstar where I am responsible for design conceptualization, visual storytelling, and data visualization.

What is Monthly Dose of Design and What Does It Hope To Achieve?

Monthly Dose of Design is a series of blog posts that will go through a wide variety of topics all related to design, branding and visual communications in the world of research. In each post, I will talk about either my view on a specific area in design or a project that I’ve done here at Northstar, what I’ve learned through the process and what is it that you could benefit from.

By reading these posts you can find out about the psychology behind colors and shapes, how the right font or typeface could help you communicate your content better, why the tone of voice matters when it comes to design, character design and its impact in market research and many more other exciting topics!

Why I’m doing this?

I’m sharing my design knowledge and experience here because I believe good design:

  • Adds purpose into people’s lives
  • Solves complex problems
  • Brings concepts to life
  • Communicates complex information in a simple way

Do these sound familiar? Because as far as I know, these are all things the modern-day researchers should be aiming to do.

So if you want to get closer to achieving all these things, you are in the right place as I will be offering you tips and advice on how to do this through imaginative and creative design! Keep reading my posts to find out more!

What is the topic I will be talking about in my next post?

How can design save us from becoming boring and dull in the world of market research?

Thanks for reading!

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