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Thinking Outside The “Project”

Don't let the words "market research" deter you from getting the information you need to make the best possible business decisions. Access to that information is available faster than you can imagine, is easier than you think to acquire, and is more affordable than ever!



Editor’s Note: 2014 may very well have been the “Year of Agile”. Companies like Gutcheck, ZappiStore, USamp, Mizzouri, Toluna, Google, and many more all brought solutions to market that allow research to be conducted cheaper, faster, and more iteratively than ever before. Leveraging technology (especially automation) and with a healthy dose of inspiration from new thinking in business process improvement gurus these new solutions are part of a fundamental change in market research that is just beginning to be really felt. One of those fundamentals is the shift away from “the project” to a broader utilization of various research tools to help guide the answer to “the business question” in a much more flexible way.

Today’s post by Janet Kosloff of InCrowd brings that point home very well. InCrowd was “agile” before being agile was cool and for the past four years have pioneered many of the trends that hit the mainstream market research industry last year within their focus area of healthcare. The post uses the context of their offering and experience in that arena to help make the point that research can now truly deliver on it’s efficacy as a strategic tool in ways it was difficult (if not impossible) to do just a few years ago. The sky’s the limit on where this new role can take us, but InCrowd and the other companies leading the charge will surely help us get there.


By Janet Kosloff 

Most people know InCrowd as the folks who do Market Research very quickly.  It’s true, what we do is fast, and, it is market research, but if that’s all you think it is, you are missing the boat.

Here’s the point…. In a more perfect world, market research should not be an isolated event; it should be an ongoing process of obtaining information from the market so one can make better-informed business decisions hence running more successful businesses.

Decisions requiring market input can often be inconveniently timed and are rarely contingent on ones ability to execute a “market research project”. Yet the fact remains that a decision is required and having good data on which to base that decision can be the difference between making a gut decision or bringing to light a more informed efficient solution.

I know what you are thinking (because we did pretty extensive market research on this topic).  You are thinking (I’m paraphrasing here), “I DON’T want to do market research every time I have a question for the market, how exhausting and expensive”.

I don’t blame you for thinking this, especially given the existing internal and external complexities of obtaining reliable data from your target market.  This is the exact problem InCrowd has been designed to solve. Taking the obstacles out of the process of getting answers to business questions requiring market input, such that answers are fast, easy and inexpensive to obtain.

To this end, we’ve created an integrated research system that allows our clients to independently ask structured or unstructured questions of pre-vetted, pre-screened and very targeted respondents (currently MD’s, RN’s Pharmacists, MCO’s, Patients etc.) and obtain aggregated and user ready data back beginning virtually immediately.

  • 24/7 access to thousands of responders in the US and Ex-US
  • Survey engine that was built by and for researchers (which means it has the rigor required, but is easy enough to use independently)
  • Client service team with deep MR experience available to brainstorm and problem solve when needed.

So what’s the game changer here for our clients?

  1. They can integrate actual market data into their everyday workflow with ease allowing them to be closer to the customer.
  1. They can move at a faster pace in meeting the customer and competitive challenges we all face.

In the vertical we currently serve – Life Sciences – the impact can be dramatic.  The drug development and commercialization process is long and arduous.  Every day that a drug is not on the market there are real human consequences, in many cases suffering or even death.   The business impact is also real as many thousands and sometimes millions of dollars are forgone for each week a drug is not on the market, and that’s not even mentioning the impact of the ever ticking patent expiration clock.

So the challenge is this – don’t let the words “market research” deter you from getting the information you need in order to make the best possible business decisions.

Access to that information is available faster than you can imagine, is easier than you think to acquire and is more affordable than ever before!

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Janet Kosloff

Janet Kosloff

Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Incrowed Inc