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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – September 30, 2014

Of the 4,393 unique links shared with the Twitter #MRX hashtag in the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted...



By Jeffrey Henning

Of the 4,393 unique links shared with the Twitter #MRX hashtag in the past two weeks, here are 10 of the most retweeted…

  1. State of the Nation: Survey for Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust – An Ipsos MORI Omnibus face-to-face survey found that 62% of 2,008 Britons 15 and up believe that government power in Britain is too centralized, 65% would reduce the power of Parliament, and 50% are in favor of a new voting system based on proportional representation.
  2. 7 out of 10 travellers want to enrich their understanding of the world and have unique experiences – Another Ipsos MORI survey, this one of over 50,000 TripAdvisor users, looked at the psychology of travel choices: 71% said “enhancing perspective” is one of their primary motivations for travel choices, with 62% citing “liberation”, 47% citing “immersion”, and another 47% citing “relationships”.
  3. Research that sparks – InSites Consulting addresses the myth that “Only expert users can help us detect insights.”
  4. Why Apple really need to do some qualitative market research – Maya Middlemiss of Saros Research looks at Apple’s U-turn regarding U2 album installs.
  5. Are there 4 different types of data scientist? – Matthew Reaney profiles data business people, data creatives, data developers, and data researchers.
  6. Berlin duo launch a supermarket with no packaging – Leah Borromeo, writing for The Guardian, discusses the launch of an entire grocery store where no foods have packaging, embracing the trends of environmental sustainability and organic food.
  7. AMSRS 2014: Content is King Down Under – Tom Ewing of BrainJuicer recaps the annual conference of the Australian Market & Social Research Society.
  8. Obituary: The Traditional Concept, c.1960 – 2014 – Tom Ewing eulogizes the traditional concept: a victim of faith in a rational, verbal world of decision-making.
  9. Nice Was Very Nice Indeed! ESOMAR Congress Review – Ray Poynter highlights his key takeaways from the most recent annual congress.
  10. Online Dating Stats Reveal A ‘Dataclysm’ Of Telling – NPR interviews OkCupid co-founder and data blogger Christian Rudder, author of the new book Dataclysm.


Note: This list is ordered by the relative measure of each link’s influence in the first week it debuted in the weekly Top 5. A link’s influence is a tally of the influence of each Twitter user who shared the link and tagged it #MRX. Only market research links are considered.

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