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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – August 5, 2014

Of the 2,105 unique links shared on #MRX last week, here are 10 of the most retweeted:


 By Jeffrey Henning

Of the 2,105 unique links shared on #MRX last week, here are 10 of the most retweeted:

  1. Race/Immigration Retains Its Position as the Most Important Issue Facing Britain Today – Immigration remains the top issue for the second month in a row in Britain, after displacing the economy. Third in importance to Brits is the NHS (National Health Service), followed by unemployment.
  2. 80% of Your Research Should Be with Your Customers – Ray Poynter recalls that when he joined the industry in the 1970s, most research was conducted with the entire market (i.e., nationally representative samples).  As categories, companies, and products proliferated, research in the 1980s and ’90s focused on users vs. non-users of product categories. Starting in the 2000s, research has come to focus on customers, where “most good ideas for the brand will be seen”.
  3. Ipsos Global Trends 2014: Navigating the New – Ipsos surveyed 32,000 consumers in 20 major countries in September and October of 2013 on a wide variety of subjects, from society and the economy, to governments and privacy, brands, science and technology, and the environment. They report the results, in detail.
  4. Text Analytics at Disney – Tom H.C. Anderson shares an OdinText case study from AMA TV that looks at how Disney worked around some Hispanics’  Extreme Response Scale pattern of answering questions to dig into what really drove their satisfaction with Disneyland.
  5. A Big Picture of the Trends in Mobile Market Research – Ray Poynter writes, “Mobile devices can do so much more than just surveys; passive data, push notification, and location based services are just the start. The phone is becoming a window into people’s lives.”
  6. So You Think Your Company Is Customer-Centric, But Is It Really? – Vision Critical shares the infographic below about customer-experience-leading companies.
  7. China Overtakes the USA as the World’s Largest Economy – By one measure, that of the economy in Purchasing Power Parity, China is overtaking the US this year. Euromonitor’s new white paper looks at the impact of the continuing growth of China on other markets.
  8. 58% of UK Consumers ‘Unconcerned’ About Data Sharing – Writing for Research, Bronwen Morgan reports on a Webtrends survey of 2,000 UK adults that finds that concern about sharing data with brands is correlated to age: younger respondents are the least concerned.
  9. C’est la Vie – Christine Birkner of Marketing News interviewed Landor Associations about their ongoing ethnographic research with 11 French families, now in its seventh year. Key advice: Dig deep into the contradictions between what consumers say and what they do.
  10. “Visibility is the key to engaging young people” – This is the second in a series of YouTube discussions from VisionsLive discussing why there aren’t more young people in the market research industry.



Note: This list is ordered by the relative measure of each link’s influence in the first week it debuted in the weekly Top 5. A link’s influence is a tally of the influence of each Twitter user who shared the link and tagged it #MRX. Only market research links are considered, although the #MRX hashtag is occasionally used for other types of tweets, including – recently – tweets about Mr. X, an upcoming Indian 3D thriller film.


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