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Tom H. C. Anderson Explains: “What Is Text Analytics?”

Tom H. C. Anderson explains Text Analytics and the difference between First Generation approaches and Next Generation software


By Tom H. C. Anderson

While text analytics has been around for quite some time and has reached mainstream to the point of becoming a buzz word, few really know what it is. It’s not a word cloud. It is not a qualitative tool. IT IS data mining.

We’ve long felt the need to clear the confusion around text analytics in our industry. Surprisingly there aren’t really any good videos on the subject. Until now. Here is our video explaining text analytics, using our own OdinText software as a point of comparison. That may seem a bit self serving, but we think there needs to be a baseline for reference and what better point to use than the software we have spent years building based on our market knowledge? I trust you’ll forgive the promotional aspects and just enjoy the learning we have tried to distill.

In making a video to explain what text analytics is, we first had to decide who our audience was. So many business videos these days are trying to reach such a broad audience that they become totally void of any real information. On the other hand, we didn’t want to make a geeky video just for ‘data scientists’ either.

We hope that the middle ground we chose to communicate to here, basically our core customer base (the consumer insights analyst/manager/research director), will provide the right level of detail within a reasonable amount of time, about 4 minutes (down from our original 7 minute version).

Thank you in advance for watching and sharing our video. Should you want to discuss text analytics in greater detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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