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Battle of the Methodologies

GreenBook has identified the four Next Gen Research techniques which have been most disruptive. Some like social media monitoring are relatively new and somewhat unproven. Others like neuromarketing, MROCs, Mobile and also Text Analytics have been around for quite some time.


Many of you are probably already planning on attending IIeX (Insight Innovation Exchange) in Atlanta June 16th-18th. I’ve spoken at their previous events and talked to many attendees who liked the excitement and ability to explore many of the new techniques vying for attention in the consumer insights space.

That’s why this year I was very excited to be asked to take part in a very special panel, one that I understand will be a Battle of the Methodologies!

Let me explain. The folks over at GreenBook identified the four Next Gen Research techniques which have been most disruptive to the status quo. Some like social media monitoring are relatively new and somewhat unproven, others like neuromarketing, MROCs, Mobile and (arguably) also text analytics have been around for quite some time. However all have now reached mainstream and are being considered by research directors globally.

A key leader in each of these areas was then selected and asked if they would like to participate in a debate panel explaining why their research technique/methodology is more important than any of the others – the method to rule them all!

OK, I know, in fact I think most of us know that no methodology/technique is the correct approach 100% of the time, and that problem and data identification should always come before selecting the proper method. However, that doesn’t mean that all techniques are equally proven, useful, efficient and – yes – important.

That is up for debate, and it’s a debate worth having. Therefore I’m very honored and excited to participate in this methodology brawl with my esteemed colleagues, each of whom is a pioneer in their own respective discipline. Taking part will be:



Yours truly, Tom H. C. Anderson, Founder of Anderson Analytics – OdinText a Next Generation Text Analytics solution.


Michalis A. Michael, CEO at DigitalMR, which is a digital market research consultancy with proprietary platforms for social media listening and private online communities.


Mark Michelson, CEO of Threads Strategic Research & Consulting, and Executive Director MMRA (Mobile Marketing Research Association).


Niels Schillewaert, PhD. Managing Partner and Founder of InSites Consulting, a new generation agency stretching boundaries of marketing research. Helping global brands become locally relevant.


Dr. Steve GencoManaging Partner, Intuitive Consumer Insights LLC and co-author of Neuromarketing for Dummies 


Additionally the panel will be moderated by none other than Eileen Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer at IMAX (Previously CEO of Millward Brown – WPP agency group)

Certainly there is some overlap in expertise and offering among some of the panelists. That said, it’s bound to be a bloody battle – may the best methodology win!

If you’ll be attending the event please let me know. I’ll need all the support I can get. 😉

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3 responses to “Battle of the Methodologies

  1. Dear Tom, your participation to the “battle of methodologies” will make the event even more exciting. Being unable to be there with you and your panelists I will follow the tournaround on line. In the meanwhile I would like to suggest two comments. First: the choice of the “methodology” is more dictated by your objectives than by the nature of the data; don’t you agree? Second, I would like to remind Paul Feyerabend. When asked which method should be adopted for a difficult research project, he said: “try everithing”. Good answer indeed, because the consensus of your peers will confirm you have done the right choice.

  2. Thank you Carlo

    Agree, of course, objective comes first, then data, then approach/tool.

    Unfortunately all too many have the order completely backwards today!

    I don’t know about try everything. Sounds like someone who is thinking theoretically with little real world experience. (Often the case with academics.)

    Best tool always = best/most trustable insights + speed + cost efficient


  3. Tom, I see these methods/ tools each day more integrated. I don’t think there should be a battle here, with one unique winner. Instead, there will be a convergence where we could combine as many of these tools/approaches as needed ( eg: MROC + Mobile + Text Analytics OR Social Media Monitoring + Text Analytics) , if not all together in a single project. Or even better, we should stop thinking about MR as single projects, methods or stand-alone tools. I truly believe in the future, not so distant, MR cores will be based on collaboration, integration and continuous knowledge generation/ curation. Anyhow, I will be there to watch the battle and see who the winner will be, at least of the panel. 🙂

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