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The DIVA Awards Are Back!

Submissions for the Data Insight Innovation Award (DIVA) for IIeX Atlanta are now open and will run through May 29th, 2014.


Infotools and GreenBook have just announced that submissions are now open for the newest round of the  Data Insight Innovation Award (DIVA), which aims to acknowledge the most innovative and effective data visualization examples within the insights space.

Research is as much an art as a science when it comes to visualization. The days of simply presenting research results via static pie charts and tables are over. Today clients need information that is impactful and actionable, presented in ways that tell a story that can be easily communicated to decision makers quickly and effectively.  A variety of tools exist today to visualize data in ways to meet the evolving needs of business decision makers and DIVA is an effort to recognize excellence in pushing the boundaries of how that is happening.

Marketing and insights professionals strive to communicate the insights that come from research data clearly and concisely, while inspiring decisions makers. The DIVAs celebrate creativity in how consumer feedback is synthesized and presented through visualization tools.” said Patricio Pagani, executive director of Infotools.

The DIVAs hope to highlight the value of visualizing consumer insight data and encourage the discipline more widely. Entrants will have an opportunity to explain why they feel their particular visualization most effectively communicates research insight.

To learn more visit

For the last round of the DIVA awards in conjunction with IIeX Europe, of the 20 submissions received (see them here), Face won with their impactful, beautiful and just plain cool analysis of social media virality:




Submissions are now open and will run through May 29th, 2014. We invite all marketing research and consumer insights professionals to share the graphics they are most proud of and, more importantly, effectively communicate research insight.


The top 3 finalists will be invited to the Insight Innovation eXchange North America 2014 conference and provided with a free ticket. (You are responsible for your own travel and accommodation). Finalists who attend will be given a chance to join a panel on data visualization at the conference as well. The winner will receive:

  • Increased exposure to GreenBook’s corporate partners, who will be helping to judge the entries.
  • An interview or post on the GreenBook Blog.
  • A post on Insight Innovation site where your entry will be featured, giving you credit and linking back to your website or online profile. You will also be featured as winner in the entries gallery, and in both an announcement featured on the GreenBook homepage for 30 days and the GreenBook Newsletter.
  • Social media shout-outs!
  • A shiny trophy to put on display in your office.

Take a look at the entries in the online gallery, vote, and comment! Help us by sharing your favorites and encourage your colleagues to submit an entry via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


1) Submitting an entry

  1. Think about your best visualization of market research results.
  2. Share it with us and tell us why it communicates market research insight really well.
  3. Tell us a bit about you and upload a photo.

2) Voting & Sharing

  1. Go to the DIVA entries page and view current submissions
  2. Rate the entries you feel are great visualizations of market research insight.
  3. Share the DIVA on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter so more people can tell us what they think.


  • Each individual may only enter once. We can accept multiple entries from organizations.
  • Visualizations may be in varied formats. We can only accept .jpeg or .png files. If a visualization is dynamic, you should share static screenshots, and, if you wish, a link to the dynamic visualization.
  • Give a short intro to what the visualization achieves, and why you think it should win. Then share a bio and a photo of yourself.
  • Confidential data should be kept anonymous, as entries will be publicly viewable.


We’ll be announcing the judging panel soon, but in essence it will be comprised of leaders from insights departments within GreenBook’s corporate partners, who will collaborate with Infotools to identify the strongest submissions and help us select a winner.



To learn more, enter your submission, or explore current entried, please visit Submissions will run through May 29th, 2014.

And if you’re looking for some interesting tools to help juice up your entries. check out this post here on GreenBook Blog: 50 New Tools Democratizing Data Analysis & Visualization and this list via Creative Bloq: The 33 best tools for data visualization.

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