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The Power Of Experiencing Disruptive Technology First Hand

The IIeX Experience, supported by Lieberman Research Worldwide, is an interactive space to experience some of the disruptive technologies reshaping our world, such as virtual reality, augmented reality smart glasses, 3D holographic images, and voice analytics.












Since mid 2013 there has been a huge amount of interest by MR client-side organizations, investors, and forward-looking suppliers in understanding what technologies are poised to transform research over the next few years. Generally the trends we’re being asked to explore are disruptions due to:

  • Widespread consumer adoption like we have witnessed with smart phones
  • New ways to engage at the point of brand experiences like interactive displays
  • Changes in production and supply chain due to 3D printing and the “artisan renaissance”
  • The personal data economy
  • Big Data analytics
  • Neuroscience and cognitive psychology
  • Artificial intelligence and quantum computing
  • Social media platforms

In October I was asked to give a presentation to the Mid-Atlantic MRA on how emerging technologies will change the insights function over the next 10 years where I detailed a few of these potentially game-changing technologies (see embed below).

Since then I have give variations of this presentation to several major brands and incorporated my thinking on these topics into the agenda of the IIeX event series.  Interest in these areas is so high that we decided to create a whole new experiential aspect to the IIeX events, starting with our European conference in Amsterdam this month.

Lieberman Research WorldwideThe IIeX Experience, supported by Lieberman Research Worldwide is an interactive space to experience firsthand some of the disruptive technologies reshaping our world today and tomorrow such as virtual reality, augmented reality smart glasses, 3D holographic images, and voice analytics. Conference attendees will get unlimited access to experience these cutting edge technologies firsthand in a  special room set-up just for this purpose.

The idea is to give researchers a chance to have fun with trying out these technologies for themselves, talk with the developers and get inspired to think about how their world may look in the next few years as these  innovations start to gain broader adoption.

Our plan will be to make ‘The IIeX Experience” a centerpiece of all of our events in 2014 (venue size permitting), and if it’s not possible to set up these rooms we will still try to incorporate as many of the relevant players as possible into the core conference agenda.

Of course our goal with IIeX is to showcase innovation in marketing insights throughout the event, and we have hundreds of presenters lined up that will be exploring advances in virtually every aspect of the industry. The difference with this new addition to the event is that it’s a chance to really engage with the tech in a relaxed and fun environment.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be showcasing in Amsterdam.


By Lieberman Research Worldwide

VR has been around for many years, but recently the availability of low-cost sets like Oculus Rift, Valve VR, & even Sony’s offering have finally made it scalable. The implications for entertainment & media are endless, but so are the practical  applications for education, healthcare, design, telecommuting and yes, market research.

Lieberman Research Worldwide will showcase how Virtual Reality tools can help illuminate the fullness of brands’ meaning and the strength of that meaning as it translates to in-market behavior. The virtual reality demo will show you just how difficult it is to keep your non-conscious from taking over, no matter how badly you want to use conscious rationality.

Make sure to stop by the IIeX Experience, play in the goggles yourself, and find out if you can cross the pit!


By Optinvent

Google Glass jump started the wearables market and certainly has captured the most media attention, but according to many sources their goal was never to bring the current iteration of that product to full rollout. It was a stalking horse to stimulate the development of a whole new industry and in that they have been very successful. As a Glass Explorer myself I can attest to the potential power of wearable AR headsets, as well as the limitations of Glass. Similar to VR, we’re now seeing many low-cost, consumer focused competitors entering the market with wearable headsets that offer more options and in many cases a superior experience, to Glass.

Optinvent will be sharing its latest product: the “ORA”. The ORA is the next generation of head mounted wearable tech (AR Glasses), designed for the consumer market. In the not so distant future, wearable displays could be the user interface of choice and will gradually replace the conventional hand held smart-phone touchscreen interface.

Join us and discover the myriad of research applications that are possible with a wearable display device!


By View Holographic Limited

Immersive and interactive 3D imagery has been a goal for technologists for years, and holograms offer one of the best paths to bring that vision to life. The possibilities to enhance the consumer experience through a deeply engaging visual experience in stores or at the point of brand experience could change how we think about display advertizing.

With the advance of e-commerce, consumers visiting shopping malls and the high street are increasingly expecting their offline shopping experience to be entertaining and interactive. Formed in 2008, initially as a research project, View Holographics is now a world-leading provider of full parallax holographic and 3D imaging solutions. They will be displaying the cutting edge of holographic technology at IIeX.

Come see how display holograms can be used to make a real impact on consumers and add that WOW! Factor.

Vocal Emotional Analytics

By Beyond Verbal

Intrigued by emotions? Want to know how sentiment look like? Curious to understand how you and your colleagues feel as you speak, right now?

Advances in facial coding and text analytics have made it possible to deeply and subtly analyze emotion at scale, but what about through voice? Certainly voice analytics solutions have been around for a while, but these were generally very costly enterprise solutions.  Moodies provides the scalable, low cost answer – all with a press of a button on a mobile app.  Based on 18 years of research into the science of emotions, Moodies analyses and presents the current emotional state of speakers in real time, as they speak. Based on Beyond Verbal’s award winning Emotions Analytics cloud-based engine, Moodies listens to vocal intonations to understand our emotions as we speak – because it’s not what we say, but HOW we say it.

Come see this application and other technology that enables machines to understand human emotions in real time.

We’ll continue to search out the most interesting, relevant, and exciting advances and bring them to the insights industry through IIeX; every day we discover something new! In the meantime, those attending IIeX Amsterdam are in for a real treat as they get to experience the technology of the future, today.

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