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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – July 24, 2013

Of the 1,674 unique links shared by the Twitter #MRX community in the past week, here are 10 of the most retweeted.


By Jeffrey Henning

Of the 1,674 unique links shared by the Twitter #MRX community in the past week, here are 10 of the most retweeted.

  1. Google just put the market research biz on notice – Writing for GigaOm, Derrick Harris discusses Google Databoard for Research Insights, which lets you combine data from 4 studies to build your own infographics. He points out that market research data isn’t that different from other types of data. “It’s getting better while also becoming easier and cheaper to come by, and is a lot easier to consume. These are trends that don’t bode well for the former data gatekeepers, who can’t keep selling the same data in the same format for the same premium price forever.”
  2. No change to market research budgets but marketing spend rises – Simon Miller in Research reports advertising survey findings that the most UK marketing budgets expanded since 2007, but no changes to research budgets.
  3. Do brands need to get into bed with promiscuous consumers? – Andy Barker of Engage Research discusses the increase in economy brands and the rise in consumers who will only purchase premium brands when discounted.
  4. Sky Deutschland to broadcast advertising directly into train passengers’ heads – Lean your head against the wrong train window and bone conduction technology (used in hearing aids and headphones) will broadcast an audio commercial into your head. So now that deranged guy in the seat over from you really is hearing voices in his head!
  5. What’s your social-media genotype? – A UCSB study, covered in Technology Review, finds that Twitter users tend to use the same hashtags over time. #unhyped
  6. Getting down to business: Lessons learned at IIeX & what happens now – Lenny Murphy describes the results of ongoing experiments conducted by GreenBook and Insight Innovation Inc. and points to things to come, including corporate partnerships, private innovation events, and the GreenBook Sync platform.
  7. How Jiffy Lube used its Net Promoter Score to goose sales – Beth Snyder Bulik, writing for AdAge, discusses the lack of predictive power that Jiffy Lube experienced from its NPS survey and the predictive power that Anderson Analytics found for certain keywords mentioned in verbatims. Read the comments as well.
  8. Here’s our 3D printed masthead – The first picture to ever make our Top 10 was a 3D Impact magazine logo, tweeted by @ImpactMRS upon visiting a 3D print shop.
  9. When and where to conduct mobile-only studies? – Ray Poynter discusses 8 reasons for conducting research projects using only mobile data collection.
  10. Do you know where you’ll be 285 days from now at 2 p.m.? These data-masters do – During work hours you’ll be at work, and during evening hours you’ll be at home, but we’re predicting this using mobile devices, so it’s newsworthy. #unhyped

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