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Highlights from the start of Market Research in the Mobile World

This recaps some of the highlights from the first few sessions of the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference being held in Cincinnati 7/18-7/19.  The event sold out with 300+ attendees from Australia to China to Brazil, London and of course the U.S.

NOTE:  This was originally posted on, a blog focused on qualitative research. There are many attendees here from the quantitative side of the industry who should be blogging and tweeting from that perspective. 














From Nathan Eagle, JANA

  • No technology has been adopted faster in human history than mobile
  • Mobile penetration is saturated in developed countries — growth will be from developing countries
  • India and China will lead the growth of middle class consumption in the future, no longer North America and Northern Europe
  • In Viet Nam, there are more mobile devices than people
From Gayle Lloyd, Hillenbrand
  • Technology has allowed researchers to be in the minds of consumers real time, which means big data is generated
  • Yet, “succinct, pointed succulent pieces of information and patterns” have become “the holy grail” of market research
  • Her analytical work flow focuses on what’s the overriding business issue, what are the core issues, and what are the insights?
  • Story boards drive development of her market research presentations, or in her case… help craft her stories
  • Using her creativity even further when dealing with knowledge transfer… she has also dressed up as a doctor who was there to “diagnose” the organization’s business problem and then hand over a written prescription providing the solution

Off to do man-on-the-street video interviews with attendees… catch you back here later!

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