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Market Research Software I Wish I Had

A quick note to the software entrepreneurs out there: there are lots of software technologies that would really help me create some kick-ass research insights. Unfortunately, nobody has built them yet (or if they have, they haven't reached my inbox).


By Jason Anderson

A quick note to the software entrepreneurs out there: there are lots of software technologies that would really help me create some kick-ass research insights. Unfortunately, nobody has built them yet (or if they have, they haven’t reached my inbox). If I’ve missed something obvious I would love to get pointers in the right direction.

  • Data visualization. Give me some really awesome charting and data visualization tools with real-time dynamic links to multiple data sources. Yes, I have tried Tableau…it’s the closest to what I’m talking about, but I need an IT department to support it. The templatized output from DIY survey systems lack power and finesse. Current plugins for Excel or PowerPoint are static data representations. Weave is cool, but requires Flash. R is powerful…like a chainsaw, but with 72 levers and it comes out looking like a PhD thesis paper.
  • Choice modeling made easy. Integrate choice modeling into DIY survey systems. Yes, I can purchase Sawtooth Software and create / export / field / import / analyze but that seems like a lot of work.
  • Instant mobile polling. Give me a cheap, fast, scalable way to show stimuli to people who are on-the-go (or just walking around their house with a smartphone) and let me ask them one question. Don’t make them send a text message to an obscure number they won’t remember; do something clever with QR codes or a smartphone app.
  • Automation. I run awareness & intent studies. These are basically the same process over and over, replacing “product A” with “product B.” I also do pricing studies, marketing mix modeling, etc., etc. Templatize the research studies that form 80% of what we do, boil it down to its essence, and automate the bejeezus out of it. Give me a reporting dashboard that Google Analytics would envy.

I have another idea or two, but I’m saving those for myself. I also reserve the right to steal back any of the above ideas if all you entrepreneurs don’t act fast enough!

To the research agencies: many of you have built some infrastructure related to the above points. You might make a lot more money if you productize that technology and share it with the masses.

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20 responses to “Market Research Software I Wish I Had

  1. We have an instant polling solution for smartphones. We also have an app that tracks usage. We are developing user generated online diaries (no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks – kidding). We can do diaries for media usage, game usage, radio and more

    1. For the record comments are not meant for sales pitches, but since Jason put it out there for this post only folks who think they have solution should feel free to post info. Links to demos would be ideal.

  2. Thanks for the invitation, Leonard. Great blog, Jason … in a sense it is tailor-made for Infotools to comment on! Data visualization falls well short for consumer research, in part because the BI tools out there are not made for consumer research data. Jason is right in that many require an IT infrastructure to support them, and who wants static reporting these days? Researchers and marketers want to interact with their data (but with safeguard rails), and serve up the right data for the right audience. It’s not that unbelievable, have a look.

  3. Great stuff Jason! Afew FYIs:

    “easy choice modeling”: check out Survey Analytics–I just started to look at their tool–so far, great! I may actually start using it for demos in our Intro to Quant class.

    Another request I hear from my market research training students all the time: A simple, less costly Ctab program. Something in the $500 range (or a monthly fee, hosted even better), basic features, with sig testing. (I keep waiting for online survey platforms to come out with sig testing!!)

    Oh and for visualization, have you tried iCharts yet?

  4. @Chris: Thanks, I’ll take a look. I need something to remain competitive with the insights being generated by our BI team.

    @Kathryn: Have considered SurveyAnalytics but I have survey platform in-house that is integrated with our customer database so I really can’t migrate easily. On the cross tab front: YES. This seems like a no-brainer.

  5. Hi Jason you might want to take a look at OnePoint Global, our SaaS multichannel global mobile research solution with full DIY functionality – SMS. Mobile Web and Research Apps. Lots of case studies and whitepapers to help your thinking on our resources page. Best wishes Tim

  6. If you want dynamic visualisations of your data from multiple sources with a very user-friendly drag and drop interface then you can’t really go wrong using Bime. You don’t need an in-house tech team and you can easily start creating stunning and highly interactive dashboards straight out of the box. It’s a SaaS solution too so you get all the benefits that the model brings.

  7. I don’t know what you are complaining about with Tableau? I can take survey from data dump to a full report in 2 hours! It has been the sweetest thing for productivity improvement and communication.

  8. Time for my 2 cents – Tableau rocks the house for data visualization. I would recommend the product from Q-Research for quick, easy, yet powerful analysis. You can download a demo and put it through the paces. It can easily take an SPSS file (or other formats) and spit out what is significant. It also has choice modeling, segmentation (latent class), and correspondence analysis, amongst others for a fraction of the price for comparable SPSS modules.

  9. MarketSight now offers interactive charts and user-defined dashboards for better data visualization. Share with colleagues and clients over the web. Attend a free product webinar in August or sign up for a free 30-day trial from the web site.

  10. For all of you who are looking for a solution, I believe that we can be of assistance. itracks offers a product called iMarkIt that is an interactive platform where participants can attach comments and mark up media. The deliverable is a visually appealing heat map.

    I encourage all of you to watch a webinar that we conducted a few weeks ago. It will give you a brief introduction to the tool. I have attached a link to the webinar below.

    Please contact me if you would like some more information on the product.


    Bob Burron

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