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You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

Here it is - the definitive list of the 20 most influential market researchers and insight professionals on Twitter.

The Role of Influence in MR: Who Has It, How Do You Get It, & Why Does It Matter?


OK, so this is an even bigger misquote poking fun of Sally Field’s Oscar speech, but it’s embedded in pop culture so…

Today Research Magazine and Dollywagon released their ranking of the 20 most influential tweeters in the #mrx community and I was humbled and honored to be ranked #1.

Yes, really. I couldn’t believe it either, but what are you gonna do?

No, I am not making this up! Here is the proof:

Here it is – the definitive list of the 20 most influential market researchers and insight professionals on Twitter.

We produced this list in partnership with Dollywagon ( using the same approach as our previous collaboration to map the MR network on Twitter.

Dollywagon’s Jason Brownlee explains: “We took the community of MR tweeters identified last time round (c.400 accounts) and we looked at the Twitter handles those people cited and discussed (i.e. those mentioned in the tweets of other users within the community). We then derived a network from this interaction and engagement data and computed the significance of each Twitter handle within the network. The handles that scored highest for general influence were the people most discussed or most successful at getting other MR community members to engage with their content.”

After that, we strip out certain accounts – including our own, @researchlive, and other publications like us, and corporate accounts – to produce the list below. We’ll be re-running the numbers once a month to help you keep up to date with the most interesting researchers to follow on Twitter.

Rank Handle Full name Bio
1. @lennyism Leonard Murphy MR innovation junkie, blogger, pundit, speaker, consultant, C-suite executive, dad to 4 and proud uber-geek. Follow
2. @lovestats Annie Pettit Social Media Market Research | Surveys | Data Quality | Don’t touch my dessert | Author of The Listen Lady Follow
3. @jhenning Jeffrey Henning Entrepreneur & blogger. Chief marketing officer of Affinnova. Enterprise Feedback Management pioneer. Market researcher. Proud father of 5. Follow
4. @tomderuyck Tom De Ruyck Head of Research Communities @InSites Consulting, President @BAQMaR and Prof. @IÉSEG & EMS – Tweeting about #mrx #mroc #cocreation – Fan of @mr_communities Follow
5. @raypoynter Ray Poynter Market Researcher, thought leadership consultant, and 2.0 fan, author of The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research Follow
6. @tomewing Tom Ewing Online culture specialist at BrainJuicer; Freakytrigger publisher; pop writer (Pitchfork, Guardian, &c); Dad; nerd; pubgoer. Follow
7. @tomhcanderson Tom H C Anderson Anderson Analytics (OdinText) CEO, Next Gen Market Researcher, Text Analytics Champion Follow
8. @danamstanley Dana Stanley VP of Marketing at Survey Analytics. Editor of Expert in market research, internet marketing and social media. Maine-iac. #mrx #marketing Follow
9. @kdnuggets Gregory Piatetsky KDnuggets Editor, data mining / analytics expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, jogger, part-time philosopher, dad Follow
10. @oleandresen Ole Andresen Director, Product Management at Confirmit. Tweeting about technology & innovation, research – and other things that interest me. Views expressed are mine alone. Follow
11. @jonpuleston Jon Puleston Vice President Innovation GMI, specialising in the design & development of interactive surveys & online research innovation Follow
12. @sethgrimes Seth Grimes Help organizations find business value in enterprise data & online information as a consultant, industry analyst & writer. Organize @SentimentSymp, May 8, NYC Follow
13. @kristinluck Kristin Luck Muckraker. Entrepreneur. Decipher Brand Evangelist. Market research trends & tech expert. Founder of Women In Research. Dog mom. Avid outdoorswoman. Vegan. Follow
14. @benleet Ben Leet Sales Director at uSamp UK – one of the world’s fastest growing online panel and technology companies. Follow
15. @kristofdewulf Kristof De Wulf CEO @insites, former marketing professor @vlerick. Passionate about making ‘ordinary’ consumers create extraordinary value for companies. Follow
16. @bettyadamou Betty Adamou CEO & Founder of Research Through Gaming @RTG_Ltd & @PlayingToDrive. Author of The Future of Research Through Gaming Art & design lover. Follow
17. @researchrocks Kathryn Korostoff Passionate about making market research useful, fascinated by technology, founder of Research Rockstar Follow
18. @data_nerd Carla Gentry CSPO Data Scientist, Data_Nerd Founder Analytical-Solution. What can your data do for you? Measure, Segment, Research and Data Analysis – keys for increasing ROI Follow
19. @webmetricsguru Marshall Sponder Social Media & Web Analyst, Blogger, Artist. Speaker, Consultant, and author of Social Media Analytics @smanalyticsbook. Advisory board @peekyou & @Integrasco Follow
20. @eliasveris Elias Veris Sr. R&D consultant InSites Consulting, interested in art, design, the web, #MRX and everything in between. Works on mobile (#mmrx), gamification and #StimaC. Follow

Congrats to everyone on this list; they are certainly many of the folks that influence me on a daily basis. If you’re not following this brilliant group, you need to change that right now!

In case you missed it, this comes on the heels of a great visual analysis Dollywagon did of the #mrx twitterverse in February. You can find that here.



Next month Research and Dollywagon will produce a list of the Top 20 Client-side Tweeters which will be great to see as well!

All of this reminded me of a post I did a few weeks back on the nature and use of social influence which you can find here. For anyone who is wondering how to leverage social media for developing their own brand and influence this might give you some good tips to start with.

I also conducted a workshop for the New York AMA a while back on using social media for brand building; here is the deck via slideshare. Hopefully it will be useful to some of you as well.

All of this is important from a marketing perspective of course (and God knows the research industry needs help with that!), but it is also important to our clients. I had a conversation with the global head of research at one of the Big 3 Automakers earlier this week about the use of social media in research; understanding the role of influence, and engaging with social influencers was a key area of investigation for them. Remember, we are “Marketing” researchers; it’s incumbent on us to understand these dynamics, quantify them, and guide our clients on how to use them effectively for competitive advantage.  That is the point of our discipline, isn’t it? What better way to get there than learning firsthand how to use the same process?

Anyway, thanks to all of my colleagues, friends, followers, supporters, haters, and casual observers for trusting me with your time and energy. I really am honored and am glad that (at least some of ) you like me, you really like me!

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9 responses to “You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

  1. OK, Lenny – here you go – stroke, stroke, stroke 🙂

    Read the following with your tongue in your cheek, as I’m doing while writing:

    What can we learn from this? Clearly the way to get on this list is to not have a real job and just spend the day on Twitter. Or, if you have a day job, Twitter a lot. Doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, it’s quantity that counts. Lenny, we are oh so proud of you.


  2. And I see you’re spreading this around to every vaguely related linkedin group – but you still haven’t peaked on the Chutzpah meter yet, Lenny – keep on trying 🙂

    1. Ahh Steve my friend, what would I do without you to help puncture my ego? Actually, probably I’d be all right because there is a whole slew of folks lined up right behind you! 🙂 I think we both may have had our tongues so deeply burrowed in our cheeks that it looks like we’re eating half a watermelon!

      Even if I wasn’t on this list I would still spread it around like I do everything I think is interesting and important, because sharing is what social media is all about. In this case it’s doubly important because there is an important lesson here for us all in the age of the social brand. I really do try to go to great lengths to downplay my own part of this and instead focus on the learnings.

      Edward, Klout does include LinkedIn so correlating Klout scores to this ranking may be interesting. LinkedIn though doesn’t really require people to take action on content UNLESS you post links; otherwise it’s a haven for passivity except for the 20% of active users, who all tend to be posters themselves, not readers. LinkedIn is a great content dissemination channel, but it’s hard to measure what happens with that content unless it is being directed outside of LinkedIn. Twitter on the other hand requires action in order to be valuable; in most cases you have to click the link, share it, etc… so I think activity on Twitter may be a more reliable discrete measure of influence. That said, the definition is changing all of the time and hopefully someone soon will be able to come up with a stable and reliable formula formula for calculating influence across the social ecosystem.

      By the way Edward, I am certain that you will be in the top 5 on the client list being put together next month. That should be fun to dissect too…

  3. @lenny – your argument for Twitter smacks strongly of confirmation bias to me. 😉 To your point on Linked in, I found this from 2 months ago – “We do not capture your engagement in groups, polls, answers, discussions, etc” – a response from Klout to a query from a Linked In user as to how LInked In Behaviour is incorporated into Klout scores.

    1. LOL, maybe Edward, although there is a reason why Twitter weighs so heavily in any calculation on influence and why all of the social media analytics engines and gurus are so focused on it. My experience is that it is the best social platform so far to build a wide base of engagement via viral content dissemination. The peril is that you can get myopia just focusing on Twitter; true influence does involve multiple channels and has much more to do with the application of “The Golden Rule” and quality of content than anything else. That is what most people engaging in social media for personal brand building miss unfortunately. 🙂

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