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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – February 22, 2012

Of the 1,612 links shared by the Twitter #MRX community in the past fortnight, here are the top 10 most retweeted.

By Jeffrey Henning & Tamara Barber of Affinnova

Of the 1,612 links shared by the Twitter #MRX community in the past fortnight, here are the top 10 most retweeted:

1. Twitter: A Network of Influence – Jason Brownlee of Dollywagon analyzed over 100,000 tweets to identify the network of influencers on Twitter. The leading influencers were @lennyism, @researchlive, @raypoynter, @tomderuyck and @tomewing.

2. Pinterest: Get Stuck In – Writing for Research, Bronwen Morgan looks at the phenomenal growth of traffic to Pinterest, what it means for social networks and what it might mean for researchers.

3. Cartoons – Annie Pettit shares some of her recent favorite cartoons about statistics, research and pie charts.

4. Let’s Take a Long Hard Look at Ourselves – In the spirit of “Physician, heal thyself”, Tom Ewing exhorts, “Researcher, know thyself”: recognize that we’re subject to the same predictable irrationality as the people we study.

5. Apple, Suppliers Test Tablet With Smaller Screen – In sharing this article, the @researchlive writers say, “And this just in: Apple does do market research. (But whisper it they always have.)”

6. Mobile Market Research Trends, Part 3: Passive Data Collection – In the most popular of the three transcripts so far from the Survey Analytics webinar on Mobile Market Research Trends, the speakers discuss using mobile apps to passively collect data about panelists, such as GPS location, other apps used and mobile phone configurations.

7. How to Build an Online Community: The Ultimate List of Resources – Richard Millington of FeverBee shares 300 links for resources on building general-purpose online communities (not MROCs in particular).

8. 36 Questions to Help Commission Neuroscience Research – An ESOMAR task force has launched a new guide to help research buyers ask the right questions when planning neuroscience research.

9. Radical Market Research Idea #5: Drop the Decimals – Annie Pettit argues we should stop offering the illusion of precision and drop decimal points when reporting research results.

10. More Mobiles than Humans in 2012, according to Cisco – Cisco has published results of an analysis of global mobile traffic. A tablet computer use 300% of the traffic of a mobile phone, resulting in a dramatic upsurge in traffic from tablets, the installed base of which tripled in 2011. Having a similar disproportionate impact are 4G phones, which make up just 0.2% of mobile connections yet are responsible for 6% of overall traffic.

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