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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – October 17, 2011

Of the 1373 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX community this past week, here are the Top 10 most retweeted:


By Jeffrey Henning & Tamara Barber

There’s now ample opportunity to stay on top of what the market research community is saying in the Twitter-sphere. In addition to our weekly coverage on the top #MRX tweets of the week on the Innovation Evolved blog, we’ll be doing a top-ten recap every two weeks right here on GreenBook.

Of the 1373 unique links shared on the Twitter #MRX community this past week, here are the Top 10 most retweeted:

  1. 8 Things I Would Do if I Were a Market Research Company – Over on the Green Book Blog, a research buyer – Blizzard Entertainment’s Jason Anderson (@dirkgently on Twitter) – offers some pointed advice for research firms and is shifting his research budget in accordance with these points. Check out the comments for a contentious debate.
  2. Facebook to tell brands what people are talking about – Brian Tarran – Research magazine’s editor by day, video gamer by night and @Fatso_Jetson by Twitter – discusses Facebook’s new Page Insights product, which provides brand page analytics and social media tracking of tags of the brand across the network.
  3. Market Research is the New Black – Eilene Zimmerman, writing for Inc. Magazine, profiles the fashion-analytics startup Stylitics, which provides consumers a tool for tracking which outfits they’ve worn where and planning their outfits for upcoming events. Consumers do this for free, of course, while Stylitics hopes to sell the data to the fashion industry.
  4. GreenBook Research Industry Trends – Fall 2011 – Lenny Murphy (@lennyism) and company’s 10th edition of GRIT is the best yet, with innovative analysis of technology adoption and social media conversations within the industry. Think “market research” is the new black? You’re not alone: 34% of respondents who said “marketing research” no longer reflected the entire industry chose “market research” as their label of choice.
  5. What is Proper Research? – “Proper English, proper attire, proper format. Everything needs to be proper,” writes Annie Pettit (@lovestats) of Research Now. But – she ponders – what is proper research? Apparently there’s no neat and tidy rule book for answering this question.
  6. Festival of NewMR Young Researcher Competition – Are you a market researcher 26 years or younger? Here’s your chance to take the main stage of the NewMR festival: post a creative answer to the question “What is the most important thing you have learnt about market research this year?” You could win the chance to present it to attendees.
  7. Lego Fans to Help Build New Products – There wouldn’t seem to be many better fits for co-creation than Lego, whose flagship product line is a building block system. Therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that Lego is rolling out a co-creation site; they will even pay the authors of ideas that are turned into products a 1% royalty. @Fatso_Jetson has more: Lego makes crowd-sourcing platform global.
  8. Have A Great MR Idea? Want To Win Big $$ For It? Announcing The Insights Innovation Competition! – Lenny Murphy, in conjunction with Green Book and NewMR, has launched a fascinating new contest, the Insights Innovation Competition. Open to private startups with innovative research offerings, this competition will award the winning firm $20,000 and substantial publicity.
  9. Amazon Silk Is Amazon’s Secret CI Agent – Rob Brosnan of Forrester (@brosnaro) brainstorms the type of customer-intelligence data that Amazon could glean from its new Silk browser, which will be the default browser on its new Kindle Fire tablet.
  10. USamp founder calls for change in sample pricing model – Brain Tarran of Research interviews Matt Dusig (@mattdeuce), CEO of USamp, about his call for a shift in panel pricing from Cost Per Interview (CPI) to Cost Per Finish (CPF), where even those respondents who don’t qualify after the screener interview are compensated for their time.

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