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Want To See The Presentations From Market Research In The Mobile World? Here’s How!

As promised, the presentations from the 2nd International Conference on Market Research in the Mobile World are now available!

Here is how to access them:

Go to the MRGA 365 platform by clicking this link:

It’s that easy!

You can view them online, print them, or download them all from the Media Library.

The videos are almost ready to be loaded too; I have seen them and they are really good and will be well worth the wait. We’ll let you know when they are all available. In the meantime, you can see photos from the conference here.

We’re using the MRGA 365 platform as the home for all the content because we anticipate hosting a variety of virtual events here as well, and its integrated features for events, content curation, and social networking are very useful. Now that you’ve received a passport, you’ll always have access to any of the events or content on the platform which I think you’ll also find to be a useful feature.

On behalf of The Merlien Institute, GreenBook, and our sponsors and partners thanks for your patience and for being interested in MRMW11; we’re looking forward to continuing to work to make content like this available to all who are interested!

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3 responses to “Want To See The Presentations From Market Research In The Mobile World? Here’s How!

  1. Leonard, I just tried to connect to the link in the article and got a message that this is an invalid URL. Do I need to do something else or is the site temporarily unavailable?


    1. I think we have intermittently overloaded the server Kathy; please try it again, it is the correct link and does work.

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