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Mobile research is moving fast, re-shaping research and opening up new and valuable opportunities. As a sponsor of the 2nd International Conference on Market Research in the Mobile World (July 19-20 in Atlanta), Qualvu has created an exclusive online community for everyone registered or interested in participating in the conference. It’s a way for you to join the conversation on the future of mobile research so you can hit the ground running.

What we have planned…

I will be monitoring and participating in the online conversation – listening to your suggestions and questions for conference content on mobile research to customize event content.

Among other topics, we’ll be discussing the greatest challenges in embracing the mobile channel for research – and the greatest opportunities mobile and social media technologies now available for research.

Why you should participate…

Conference organizer Merlien Institute will be raffling a FREE ticket to MRMW11 to everyone who joins us. Plus, you’ll get a chance to network with industry thought leaders and to make great connections before the conference!

How do you participate? It’s easy!

  1. Visit to join.
  2. Verify your email address and create a password.
  3. Click here to access the video blog!

That’s it!

We’re looking forward to your comments and to seeing where this discussion takes us!




Speaking of the conference, Jasper Lim of The Merlien Institute has a great blog post on the event website about what he hopes to see come out of the conference, along with a video post from Siamack Salari, one of the top-notch presenters at the event. I’ve reposted both in their entirety here.

Beyond mobile data capture: can we create a mobile platform to analyse data?

I remember at the 2010 Market Research in the Mobile World conference in Berlin last year, Frank-Thomas Naether, the Managing Director of NMRC mentioned to me that mobile devices are going to be more and more central in everyone’s life. There are many tools available in the market that offer many possibilities to researchers. Like other mobile research experts, he reiterated that mobile research is about ‘capturing the moment’.

You can see why I am bolding the word ‘capturing’ in the previous sentence. For the time being, most mobile research studies capture quantitative data by means of a mobile ‘survey’ or collect qualitative data using mobile ethnography techniques. Some sophisticated mobile platforms may also include location and barcode capabilities as well. The data collected is then analyzed manually or transferred to third-party software for analysis. Many researchers make use of SPSS for analyzing quantitative data or ATLAS.ti for analyzing qualitative data.

I think the time has come where we need to look beyond just data capture. We need a mobile platform that can both capture and analyze data in real-time. That will really create exceptional value for researchers. In the embedded video below, Siamack Salari who is the Founder of EverydayLives talks about his vision of a new mobile research platform.


At the upcoming conference on Market Research in the Mobile World on 19 & 20 July in Atlanta, Siamack will be part of the expert roundtable panel on Strategic Foresight. He will share with you his visions how the market research industry will look like in 5 years and beyond. Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with Siamack at this conference!

To see a complete list of speakers, agenda and a range of other topics that will be discussed at this conference, please visit:


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