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Frankie Johnson Takes a Bumpy Ride With Me

Frankie Johnson is without a doubt one of the single coolest people it has been my pleasure to meet. She is an experienced market research professional (over 25 years in and counting!), genuinely nice, super smart, gracious, funny, insightful, creative, is a consummate blogger and most impressive of all: her B.S. detector is one of the best in the industry. If you have not had the pleasure of getting to know her you should change that now!

Recently she has been working with the AMA on a qualitative study concerning the future of market research, and I had the honor and privilege of being asked to share my thoughts on that topic. Since this is also the focus of my presentation at the Technology Driven Market Research event in 2 weeks I found myself diving pretty deep and for the first time really collecting all of my ideas in one place.  Frankie titled the piece: Lenny Murphy shares his Thoughts on the Bumpy Future of Market Research

Some of this I’ve said before in other posts, but most of it is unique and I’ve never put it all together quite like this before. If you’re interested in more of my ramblings on where we are and where I think we might be going then you can find the entire piece at Frankie’s Research Arts blog. And if you’re sick of my broken record shtick then I encourage you to ignore this post and explore Frankie’s blog further; she has some great stuff posted there!


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