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Casro Professional Certifications Is Favoring Process Over Creativity & Inspiration

Lenny Murphy weighs in on whether Casro’s Professional Certifications fail to address client requirements for both new research processes and creative approaches to providing insights and consultation.

I think it’s great that CASRO is attempting to launch new services to assist MR companies with professional certifications, but is ISO needed or even desirable? It seems to me that this places to much of the focus on the PROCESS of data collection, much of which is rapidly becoming outdated to begin with due to technology advances, rather than the creativity and inspiration required to provide true insight and direction to our clients. Most assuredly data collection quality is an important and major aspect of our business, but for too long MR has focused on the “how” rather than the “why”. This seems to be yet more evidence that the industry is slow to respond to the new realities of both new research processes and client demands for insights and consultation, not just data.

To see how the sentiment on this is playing out in real time, Tom Anderson is following this issue on Twitter ( and is adamantly opposed to the initiative.

This will be interesting to watch!

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2 responses to “Casro Professional Certifications Is Favoring Process Over Creativity & Inspiration

  1. CASRO – right on top of the hottest trends of the last century. Heads up folks – last year, enterprises spent about $30 billion in North America for Business Intelligence investments – our share for custom research was $1.5 billion. Conventional research is in danger – big companies are buying focus groups by the barrel and surveys by the case – we are being commoditized out of business. it is time to deliver our next act and it sure isn’t ISO standards for data collection – our client are awash in data – they need analytic brains with meta-analysis skills.

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