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Growing the Industry by Funding More Research – Part Seven

Collaborata is the first platform that crowdfunds research, saving clients upwards of 90% on each project. We've asked Collaborata to feature projects they are currently funding on their crowdsourcing platform.

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our next post featuring three insights projects currently offered on Collaborata, the market-research marketplace. GreenBook is happy to support a platform whose mission is to fund more research.

Collaborata Featured Project #1:

“Generation Nation: Redefining America’s Boomers, Xers, Millennials & Gen Z”

Purpose: To provide fresh insights on the real differences and commonalities in post-Obama America among Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z with which to equip brands to deeply connect to any or all of these generations.

Pitch: Here’s the one thing everybody can agree about Millennials: They’re a huge, powerful cohort. But, that’s where consensus ends and “Generation Nation” begins. This study will debunk the myths and open your eyes.

Even if you think you know Millennials, think again. And, even if you’re targeting another age, lifestage, or generation, this research will deliver new insights you can act on.

No wonder, this is the fastest-funding study yet on Collaborata!

Deliverables: Formal report, data file, web-based presentation, and a one-hour consultative call with the researchers. In-person presentation also available at additional cost.

Who’s Behind This: 747 Insights, a highly regarded boutique insights agency, specializing in generational research.

To watch a 60-second video on the study: click here

To purchase this study or for more info: click here or email [email protected]

Funding stage: Fully funded (currently being fielded)

Collaborata Featured Project #2:

“Consumer Trends and Lifestyles in the New Megacities”

Purpose: To identify key trends coming out of global hubs, while also serving as a mini “Ominbus” for sponsors.

Pitch: At the heart of increasing globalization and interconnectedness are megacities — global hubs from which key lifestyle, consumer, and tech trends emanate. It’s time to capture trends from these cities

Deliverables: Web-based report and online dashboard. Sponsors may each include three proprietary questions.( For an additional investment, you can gain category exclusivity.)

Who’s Behind This: Dalia is a technology-driven research company, specializing in understanding global audiences through mobile and web surveys

To watch a 60-second video on the study: click here

To purchase this study or for more info: click here or email [email protected]

Funding stage: Currently funding

Collaborata Featured Project #3:

“Capturing the Imagination of the Home-Improvement Shopper: How to Target Key Homeowner Segments”

Purpose: To segment the home-improvement market, focusing on frequent shoppers of the big-box stores – Home Depot and Lowes.


How well do you know your DIY target? This research will help you target your consumers while they are in-store, resulting in branding, packaging, and messaging that speak directly to their needs. Special attention will be paid to co-sponsors’ categories.

Deliverables: Detailed report including segment profiles. Sub-analysis of your own category. Typing tool so that may target your segment(s) in future research projects. Web-based presentation. Consultative phone call with the lead researcher.

Who’s Behind This: Alisa Hamilton, of Harvest Insights has been in the marketing-research industry for 15 years; she has supervised many national and international accounts, including Lowes, Pfizer, Kid II, and Pulte Homes, and has worked on numerous CPG projects.

To watch a 60-second video on the study: click here

To purchase this study or for more info: click here or email [email protected]

Funding stage: Currently funding

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