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The Festival of NewMR – December 1 to 5



By Ray Poynter

The Festival of NewMR is an annual, virtual event which brings some of the biggest and some of the newest names to a global audience, through the medium of webinar events. The Festival provides a chance for those people who can’t attend conferences around the globe to catch up with what the opinion leaders and shapers are saying, showing, and sharing.

Around the globe

The Festival aims to be accessible around the globe, so it broadcasts events at different times to suit different audiences. This year the sessions are:

  • Americas, 1 December, 1pm to 4pm New York time, speakers include Annie Pettit and Jeffrey Henning, click here for more.
  • Europe & Africa, 2 December, 10am to 1pm London time, speakers include John Kearon and Betty Adamou, click here for more.
  • Asia Pacific, 3 December, 1pm to 4pm Sydney time, speakers include Sue York and Neil Gains, click here for more.
  • 2014 in review, 2015 in anticipation, 5 December, 3pm – 5pm New York time, a panel discussion with Lenny Murphy, Ray Poynter, Simon Chadwick and guests, click here for more.

Listen Live, or Listen Later

If you can listen live, that is the best way to be part of the event, joining in the Q&A and enjoying the feedback via Twitter. But, you can also enjoy the event via listening later, register for the events you are interested in to be sent an update when the slides and recordings are available.

In Sydney with IIeX

Following the announcement by GreenBook and NewMR of increased co-operation and joint-working, the IIeX event in Sydney, 4-5 December is a full part of the Festival. The chair of IIeX will be Ray Poynter, and many faces familiar from NewMR will be taking part, for example Sue York and Navin Williams will be running a master class on mobile messaging and market research. After broadcasting from Toronto on the Monday for NewMR, Annie Pettit is hot footing it down to Sydney to be taking part in the live, face-to-face celebration of innovation in market research.

To find out more about IIeX click here.

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