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A Cool IIeX Infographic from Netvibes

Yeah, it’s a bit self-centered to post an infographic all about IIeX, but our friends at Netvibes just sent this over and it’s pretty darn cool. Consider it an example of a nifty data visualization using non-traditional data!

Plus we’re in heavy duty planning mode right now for 10 (yes 10!) events over the next 15 months, so it’s nice to be reminded of just how much of a positive impact the IIeX event series have had over the past 2 years.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make it happen and made the IIeX event series such a great experience for all involved. And thanks again to Netvibes for taking all the data collected on their platform and turning it into such a cool infographic!


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2 responses to “A Cool IIeX Infographic from Netvibes

  1. This doesn’t show well – all squashed! I love the content of this site but the layout puzzles me – when you’re reading an article, you don’t need or want to have your reading experience compromised by the overloads of items on the left! Maybe the site needs some user experience research!

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