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Who is Winning the Game of Devices? Mobile vs. Desktop

10ZiG Technology has launched a new interactive tool that tracks Mobile vs Desktop traffic online using data from live Google Analytics profiles. According to their latest statistics, Mobile traffic to websites will overtake Desktop by March 2017 based on the current rate of growth. This dovetails nicely with other projections from various sources and certainly aligns with the data being reported by online survey platforms regarding their ever-increasing mobile participants.

This obviously has huge implications for research and should add additional emphasis to the push to adopt new mobile-enabled methods as well as to adapt existing modes to a mobile form factor. Unfortunately I think as an industry we’re still lagging behind where we need to be, but perhaps this will help the cause.

The Game of Devices uses Google Analytics data from initially 10 websites to track the % split of online sessions made using a Desktop, Mobile or Tablet device on a weekly basis from 2010 onwards. The sample websites are B2C and B2B companies that specialise in finance, marketing, retail, tradesmen and technology across North America, Europe & Australia.

Here is the interactive dashboard and thanks to 10ZiG Technology for allowing me to repost it here. Click on the dashboard to scroll down; there is a lot of information here that should prove to be interesting for you.

10ZiG Game of Devices

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