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An IIeX Participant’s Take on Day 2


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After a whirlwind first day of exciting innovation opportunities and discussions about the future, participants at the IIeX conference in Atlanta, Georgia were eager to begin Day 2. Focused on the practical implementation of new and emerging methods and technologies, Day 2 connected imagination with reality. Clients, researchers and technology providers unveiled methods and case studies that prove the value of closing the gap between traditional and innovative market research.

Insight Innovation Exchange Day 2
Rick Alexander van Monsjou and Anouar El Haji,of Veylinx

Before we dive into the learnings from the day, I’d like to congratulate Veylinx, the winners of the Insight Innovation Competition. This competition gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to win $20,000 for bringing their disruptive innovation to life. Veylinx’s auction platform tests consumer willingness to pay across a variety of industries. Click here to learn more about the Insight Innovation Competition and view this year’s submissions.



Here are highlights from some of the most attended sessions:

  • Big Data is sometimes scary for clients. They worry about getting something negative and being unable to take corrective action.
  • Companies have no shortage of information on their consumers. The trick is making sense of it all and bringing it to life in an actionable way. What can this data tell them about the relationship consumers have with their brand?
  • Social cannot only be about the positive! These forums must be used to address the negative openly and honestly. It is an
    Insight Innovation Exchange Day 2
    Sentient Insight Chief Behavioral Scientist Aaron Reid

    opportunity to convert new customers.

  • Visuals are often even more important than words in concept testing. Adding visuals can be an essential part of elevating a concept and are often noticed first, but clients must avoid creating cognitive dissonance.
  • Don’t collect every piece of information simply because you can! Privacy requires researchers to ask the question, “Am I really going to use this?”
  • Market research doesn’t provide value by simply talking about ROI. Researchers must instead learn to fully integrate themselves into the client’s internal processes.

The day wrapped up with a networking event at the Renaissance Hotel sponsored by GreenBook and Market Cube. Thanks for a fantastic evening!

Insight Innovation Exchange Day 2

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