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Top 5 Takeaways from IIeX Day 1

Top 5 Takeaways from IIeX Day 1


Photo credit: @Carolinewinnett

At the GreenBook Insight Innovation eXchange in Atlanta on Monday, nearly 650 attendees filled the room to learn from speakers on the front lines of market research innovation. As session after session challenged and inspired participants to test the boundaries of traditional market research, attendees shared their key takeaways utilizing social media.

Here are the Top 5 from Day 1:

    1. Speed is vital! Clients want to learn more about their consumers in ways that are cheaper, faster, and higher quality


    2. Change and innovation require the pairing of “uncommon partners.”


    3. Saying the same thing differently is NOT innovative! Pretty charts can cover up a lack of substantial information.
    4. Market research needs to be personal. Technology alone is not innovation —
      it is simply the bridge that connects market researchers to people. To truly understand consumers, researchers must go beyond words and identify emotional drivers.


    5. Tradition vs. Innovation: We must bridge the gap between what we perceive are innovative techniques and actual innovations.

Stay tuned for more learnings from IIeX and make sure to follow me @PaulaK88 for highlights from each session!


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