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Collaborative Research – Join the Movement!


By Adriana Rocha

In September 2013, I posted on this blog the article “The Collaborative Economy” highlighting that a new consumption model was on the rise and that could impact core business models, including market research. Almost one year later, we can say this movement is not limited to individuals helping each other alone. Companies, both large and small, are replicating the same strategies and tactics to improve their own business. Enterprises themselves are becoming like peers – collectively joining this collaborative space.

In the last years, we’ve seen many companies becoming frustrated with public peer-to-peer social networks. As a response, we saw the emerge of private online communities, and nowadays many corporations have their own branded, online forum or community for employees, partners, or customers. In the market research space, the adoption of private online communities (also called “Insights Communities”) is on the rise, and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing methodologies adopted by corporations and market research agencies worldwide. A similar pace is now happening with the Collaborative Economy. Regardless of peer-to-peer or business-to-business, benefits of the movement include:

  • A paradigm of access versus ownership, therefore reducing ownership as people get what they need on-demand.
  • Activating idle resources for usage, therefore reducing waste.
  • Using technology to find these idle resources, then accessing the internet, mobile devices, social networks, online marketplaces, digital reputations, and online systems.

But can big brands join this collaborative movement, and learn from start-ups such as Uber, Kickstarter and Airbnb? Yes, they can, as you can see in this recent research study . Large corporations will continue to adopt disruptive technologies. Twenty years ago they adopted the Internet. A few years ago they adopted Social Media. Nowadays they’re starting to adopt the methods of the Collaborative Economy. In each of these phases, business model shifts and mindset changes were required, letting go of some control in order to gain more business.

And can Market Research join the Collaborative Economy movement? Yes, we can. Next week at the IIEX North America in Atlanta, I will be sharing success cases on how large organizations have successfully adopted collaborative approaches to reduce costs, gain scalability, and develop faster and better research. If you will be attending the event and want to learn more about collaborative research, please don’t miss my presentation.

I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!



Study: How Corporations are deploying in the Collaborative Economy

The Collaborative Economy is for Business to Business 

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