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The Return Of The Insight Innovation Challenge!



You might recall that one of the highlights of the IIeX Conferences is the “Insight Innovation Challenge”; it’s our attempt to understand the unmet needs of client-side researchers so that we can identify solutions and bring them to you on stage at the conference. Here’s a link to the Challenges we identified from the previous rounds at IIeX in Philadelphia and Amsterdam.

We took those challenges and identified companies that could meet them, then gave them 5 minutes on stage to present to all attendees at the IIeX events.

To see videos of the previous Challengers (those companies we selected to address the needs) check out

We also arranged private meetings between our Corporate Partners and the Challengers at the event to help facilitate doing business together.

It has been a huge hit for all involved, and now we’re doing it again.

GreenBook has just announced a new round of the Insight Innovation Challenge, an initiative that aims to challenge experts and innovators both inside and outside of the market research industry to directly solve brands’ unmet needs for new insight-generation solutions.

The next round is tied in to the upcoming IIeX North America event being held June 16-18 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Corporate-PartnersAs in previous events, our Corporate Partners will be working with us as we identify these needs and will be meeting privately with many of the attending companies, especially those we select to respond to the Challenge.


If you’re a client-side insights leader your job is to create business impact, not to scout through solutions that may or may not help you get the insights you need to move your organization forward.

We’ve created the Insight Innovation Challenge to give you an opportunity to tell the marketing insights industry (anonymously) what you need to make it happen by answering one question:

“What’s your most critical consumer insights-related need that is currently NOT being addressed by your suppliers or available tools?”


(it takes 3 minutes)

We’ll take your submissions back to experts and innovators from both inside and outside of the market research industry to come up with creative and tangible solutions to your needs. No strings attached, just ideas and results.

The best solutions to selected submitted challenges will be presented at the Insight Innovation eXchange in Atlanta June 16-18, 2014. All solutions will be published online once this round of the Challenge is closed and we will send you a notification when that happens.

If you or your colleagues are not planning to attend IIeX in Atlanta you might want to reconsider; we’re going to use this input to find the companies that can meet the challenges you share and get as many as possible on stage.  This will give you an unprecedented opportunity to connect with partners that can help deliver competitive advantage to your company.

Let us be your insight innovation scouts so you can focus on doing what you do best: moving the needle for your organization. Please don’t hesitate and take advantage of this opportunity: submit your challenge now!

Your submission will be anonymous and your contact information will remain completely confidential.


Thanks again for working with us as we do our part to help you deliver impact in your organization. I’ll look forward to seeing you in Atlanta in June!

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