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The GRIT Report for Winter 2014 Is Now Available!

GRITThe 14th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, using data collected in Q4 of 2013, is now available!

As always, it is free of charge and open for all interested parties to download or access the original data files for their own analysis. You can download, view it online, or access the dashboard and infographic here:

2013 was a pivotal year for our industry. In looking at the previous waves of data from GRIT, major news stories, reports from ESOMAR, Cambiar Consulting, Tim Macer and Inside Research as well as just plugging into the general “buzz” online and in conferences, it seems that 2013 was the year that the long-predicted wave of change finally began to hit (and more changes are on the way to be sure). As an industry we seem to be cautiously adapting to the new pressures of our environment and beginning to look ahead to what the new landscape unfolding before our eyes might mean.

The GRIT Report is the vehicle that we use to quantify these trends and share the information with the research industry so that we can all adapt and thrive.

This edition is based on 2,229 completed interviews: 1786 Suppliers and 443 Clients, sample sizes large enough to be meaningful during analysis for both groups. We expanded the scope of GRIT with this study and are working with a variety of international organizations to represent the industry on a global level by including the views and experiences of insights practitioners across the world. Our hope is that the results will offer the most comprehensive global view of the industry from the practitioner perspective ever achieved.

In the Winter 2014 edition, GRIT continues to track trends that it has historically focused on, including the adoption of emerging technologies and methods. GRIT studies the beliefs held by those who know the industry best about change in the market research industry, the sentiment around those beliefs, and the impact of change on your business. For the third time, we have data on the GRIT 50 Most Innovative Companies, our “innovation brand tracker”, and we dive even deeper into what makes a company “innovative”. For the first time we use tools from Cognitive Neuroscience to try to understand the nonconscious views of GRIT respondents about the future, resulting in a new “Non-conscious Segmentation Scheme” detailed in the final section.

As another new component of GRIT this year, Ron Sellers of Grey Matter Research conducted a series of in-depth interviews by telephone with client-side researchers to explore their views on vendor selection and adoption of new tools and techniques. The participants included:

  • Brian Cain, Merck
  • Jill Capps, Gorton’s
  • Sylvia Choe, Marriott
  • Tom Morder, Chick-fil-A
  • Kyle Nel, Lowe’s Home Improvement
  • Kelley Peters, Post Foods
  • Edwin Roman, ESPN
  • Stacey Symonds, Orbitz
  • Bill Tamulonis, Erickson Senior Living
  • Marc Philippe Witham, Schneider Electric
  • Dan Womack, Aflac

Five participants were interviewed about research vendor marketing – how suppliers market and promote their services, how clients learn about new vendors, etc. The other six were interviewed about “NextGen” insights techniques ranging from mobile research to biometrics. We’ve woven these in depth interviews into the sections “The Drivers of Supplier Selection” and “Adoption of New Research Methods” within the report to add nuance and context to the overall findings.

Also new in this edition is a series of special commentaries written by GRIT supporters. GRIT is an expensive endeavor to produce and is solely supported through the goodwill of our partners and advertisers. Rather than expand the number of ads in the report, we offered brands an opportunity to contribute through a paid commentary on a topic within GRIT of their choice. The inclusion of these commentaries adds an “expert opinion” element to much of the report, increasing its depth and context.

As a sign of just how important this study has become, ACEI, AIM, ANDA, AVAI, BAQMaR, ESTIME – NEUROBIOMARKETING Américas, IMRS, Insight Innovation Forum, Michigan State University, MRIA, NewMR, NGMR, NMSBA, QRCA, Research & Results, The Nielsen School at Wisconsin School of Business, The Research Club, The University of Georgia & MRII, and The University of Texas Arlington have joined GreenBook as industry partners.

We are also thrilled to have a stellar list of research partners including Averbach Transcriptions, Bottom Line Analytics, Dapresy, Decooda, Face, Forbes Consulting, Gen2 Advisors, GMI, Grey Matter Research, OdinText, Q Research Software, Researchscape and Vision Critical University. The primary report authors were Ray Poynter, Todd Powers, Jeffrey Henning, Ellen Woods, David Forbes and I.

All of our partners have contributed significant time, energy, and resources to the GRIT effort and deserve a big THANK YOU for their support. More information about all of our supporters and partners can be found in the Acknowledgements section of this report.

We’d also like to dedicate this edition of GRIT in loving memory to William (Bill) Weylock of Gen2 Advisors. For seven years, Bill was a major contributor to all aspects of GRIT, and his impact cannot be overstated. Bill passed away in August of 2013 and he will be sorely missed.

As always I think you’ll find the report informative, provocative, and useful. Enjoy!

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