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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – August 7, 2013


By Jeffrey Henning

Of the 1956 unique links shared by the Twitter #MRX community last week, here are 10 of the most retweeted.

  1. New Market Research – Still A Ways to Go? – Edward Appleton argues that budget pressures will drive research teams to embrace “NewMR” methods, that competition from Marketing teams using DIY tools will force research teams to develop deep expertise, and that “NewMR” is not a buzzword but a useful label to highlight the ongoing change in the industry.
  2. Global Island, Spotlight on Innovation Thinking – For the 2013 AMSRS (Australian Market and Social Research Society) National Conference, Erica Van Lieven contemplates what makes Australia unique and how to learn from the best innovation happening in Europe and the US.
  3. Adobe gets predictive with social media – Writing for Research, Simon Miller recaps the announcement of Adobe Social, which predictively optimizes when to publish links to content.
  4. Stanat heads up SIS International Research’s LA office – Michael Stanat was named managing director of the West Coast operations of SIS International, which has opened a new office in Los Angeles.
  5. 2013 MRMW Big Ideas: Roddy Knowles – The Garage Group interviews Roddy Knowles of Research Now about the 3 questions researchers must answer: “How do we combine different types of data? How do we grapple with fragmented/modular survey data? How do we continue to share with each other?”
  6. Which analysis approach will have the biggest impact on market research over the next five years? My vote is for text analytics – Ray Poynter argues text analytics software will have the biggest impact on market research of any approach, as the technology improves and the need for automation of text responses increases.
  7. What Marketing Research Can Borrow from Behavioral Economics – Joel Rubinson looks at the marketing side of studying choice processes and the research side of studying choices.
  8. John Balz of Opower on Being a Behavioral Marketing Manager – Science Rockstars interviews the Chief Behavioralist of Opower about the challenge of championing the behavioral marketing perspective within organizations.
  9. Millennials Will Disrupt Consumer Research. Here’s How… – Lindsey Plocek of CrowdTap says that Gen Y prefers to acquire experiences rather than material goods, democratize product development, and communicate in short bursts (from texts to tweets). All of these generational differences benefit from new research approaches.
  10. I Hate Social Media Research Because – Writing in Research Access, Annie Pettit of Conversition shares 10 reasons people claim to hate social media market research.

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