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Brand Building In A Multi-screen Digital-Social-Mobile Marketing Era

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By Joel Rubinson

Throw out the old rules of thumb from traditional marketing about share of spend vs. share of market. In a multi-screen world, where consumers can pull information at will and have self-directed media experiences, Marketers need a new plan to do the fundamental thing they are charged with…use media to create healthy, growing brands.

And researchers need a new picture of what a healthy brand looks like in a digital age.

If you don’t think that the connection between media and brand building is broken, check out these quotes:

  • Mondelez (nee Kraft) via Bonin Bough (global head of digital): “being able to understand a consumer’s entire shopping journey will (JR note: ‘will’ as in, ‘we don’t know yet’) give brands a disruptive competitive advantage in mobile.”

  • Google: “…. mobile does not have a conversion problem – it has a measurement problem”.

  • Procter via Joan Lewis head of CMK: “things that are big, backward looking have to cost less. The money’s not going to be there in 5-10 years”

  • ESPN via head of research Artie Bulgrin: “I bet all of you have consumed media on multiple devices this morning and we still have no way of measuring what you did, why you did it, or what the cumulative effect of all that is…the media planning models are simply broken today because of cross-platform use.”

The Media industry is focused on learning how reach is built across screens, but that doesn’t completely help advertisers. The key media planning question for advertisers should be how to identify the ‘when, what, and which screens’ of media moments of relevance when brand messages will have the greatest impact on sales. The good news is that in digital media, users have a ‘tell’ as they seek out information with a purpose. Hence, their searches, content they consume, and conversations they engage in are all forensic markers that reveal what is relevant to them in the moment.

Here is the advice I give my advertiser clients to rebuild understanding of brand-building in a digital, social, mobile age:

  1. Create a measurable model of paid, owned, and earned media that you (rather than your agencies) own. Use this to start understanding relative impact.
  2. Learn how to integrate digital behaviors, social media listening/fan profiles and survey data to create a complete and continuous monitor of what a healthy brand looks like in a digital age.
  3. Create a fast pivot campaign optimization system with a tagging and conversion structure that links behaviors to ad exposure.
  4. Use multi-stage marketing mix modeling approaches that model the direct and indirect effects of media
  5. Get ahead of the curve on mobile. It is changing everything
  6. Understand path to purchase influencers; are you reaching people with your messages at the right moments?

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3 responses to “Brand Building In A Multi-screen Digital-Social-Mobile Marketing Era

  1. “Get ahead of the curve on mobile. It is changing everything”

    Is it?

    Then why are many big brands indicating mobile advertising is simply ineffective, delivers no brand KPI bumps and frankly is hardly seen or reacted to.

    When will marketers recognize the one truth about social media – social it may be, but the space is very personal and anything remotely “push” or intrusive will damage brand imagery.

    Marketers who think cutesy strategies of using tools like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook as confirmation of “I am one of you” will soon discover how consumers kick back against this disingenuous nonsense.

    Its already seen in surveys that surprisingly show massive distrust of information online and a surprising high level of trust in mainstream media.

    What is going on here? Don’t tell me that whole multi-screen, digital, social, mobile era is starting to look increasingly flaky.

  2. It’s already seen in surveys that surprisingly show huge distrust of knowledge on-line and a amazing high level of trust in mainstream media. Once can marketers acknowledge the one truth concerning social media – social it’s going to be, but the space is incredibly personal and something remotely “push” or intrusive can harm brand imagery.

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