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#ARFAM8 : How can Big Data Move Research Forward?



By David Brudenell

Big minds got together in the Marriott Ballroom following a short break to discuss the definition and use cases of Big Data and it’s impact on Research.

On the theme of cross platform measurement, Big Data’s impact was discussed at depth. Bill Pink from Millward Brown said that “Big Data has liberated research” by “[big data] models and analytics pushing the need for more deeper research to the questions that it uncovers”.

The conversation then moved to the Data Scientist and how big data is sold internally. Following commentary by Gian Fulgoni from comScore discussing the derth of data scientists and data-savvy managers in the USA, Aaron Fetters from Kellogg Company shared his successful experience of ‘selling’ big data to his CEO by using the MoneyBall example of how the Oakland A’s moved from a scout-led organization to a data-driven one.

From the topic of people, privacy was the next logical topic of debate. All parties made the boilerplate response to consumer privacy, with Nishat Metha from dunhumby making the brave comment that “brands may need to be more clear in communicating that they give free services in exchange for deeper consumer data.”

With the final question posed by Dave Morgan about where their new big data budgets will be focused the group provided a mixed response from Talent to simulations to getting closer to the customer.

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