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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – July 23, 2012


  1. A best practices approach to social media research – Margaret R. Roller summarizes two recent J.D. Power papers on improving the quality of research from social media sources. The second paper, “The Dividends of Improving Best Practices for Social Media Research”, by Jackie Rousseau-Anderson, Gina Pingitore and Miriam Eckert pays particular attention to the problem of developing proper search queries, laying out six best practices (not easily summarized) for improving quality. A must-read for anyone conducting social media research.
  2. Magazine Question Hunt: Using Gamification in Surveys for Children – Betty Adamou of Research Through Gaming shares a case study of a research game her company created to help a publisher better understand 7- to 10-year olds.
  3. A qualitative mindset – Brian Tarran of Research magazine interviews Rebecca Wynberg, who left Unilever to join TNS as its global qualitative research CEO in December about the challenges of accrediting qualitative researchers and growing a global qualitative organization (“TNS Qual” has 600 researchers).
  4. Brands ignore negative social buzz at their peril – A new eMarketer report shares data from American Express and Satmetrix. American Express found that 46% of Internet users who turn to social media for customer service have done so to vent their frustration with a poor service experience to a wider audience, while only 49% of companies surveyed by Satmetrix use social media to track customer conversations and to follow up on their feedback.
  5. The Top 10 social media complaints – Annie Petit of Conversition shares the top 10 complaints she hears the most often about social media research.
  6. Survey finds 87% of companies using Google Analytics – A survey of 700 analytics users by Lynchpin and Econsultancy found that 87% use Google Analytics – 47% of all firms utilize only Google Analytics, while the remaining 40% supplement it with other packages. (The sample was of high-end users, as 5% report using Google Analytics Premium.)
  7. Six Major Consumer Trends in Social Media – Shelly Palmer, writing for Sys-con Media, shares the results of UM’s sixth annual study of social media consumption, which finds that social media users are evolving from passive consumers of media to more active producers.
  8. Storytelling comes to the conference podium – Reg Baker warns that the enthusiasm for storytelling within research presentations shouldn’t disconnect itself from the data.
  9. The littlest tasters – Nadia Arumugam, writing for Slate, discusses how food manufacturers conduct research with children about the taste of potential new products. She provides a great history of the use of pictorial rating scales – the Snoopy scale?! – as well as discussing the difference between taste preferences of children compared to adults.
  10. Why We Buy: How to Avoid 10 Costly Cognitive Biases – Psyblog (motto: “Understand your mind”) is running a series of posts on the psychology of money. This installment provides a great roundup of 10 cognitive biases that affect consumer purchase behavior.

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