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What’s Trending on #MRX? Jeffery Henning’s #MRX Top 10 – February 6, 2012


By Jeffrey Henning & Tamara Barber of Affinnova

Of the 1,427 unique links shared on the #MRX community in the past two week, here are the Top 10 stories that were most retweeted:

  1. Five Emerging Roles That Are Changing the Face of Market Research – Job Muscroft of Face profiles five emerging roles within MRX agencies: the technologist, the community manager, social media researcher, co-creation consultants and Big Data scientists.
  2. Whatever Next? – Robert Bain of Research dug up some great predictions from 1911 and 1962 of what life would be like now. He takes on the “dart-throwing chimpanzees” that call themselves futurists and reviews the predictive effectiveness of different research methodologies.
  3. How Should Social Media Be Used In Market Research? – Michaela  Mora of Relevant Insights examines the accuracy, representativeness and applications of social media market research.
  4. Taking MR to the Next Level – Brian Tarran of Research interviews Rajat Paharia, founder of gamification firm Bunchball, on how other industries are gamifying systems—and the lessons that research can learn from that.
  5. More Dirty Little Secrets of Online Panel Research – In a follow-up to his original 2009 report on panelist experience, Ron Sellers of Grey Matter Research examined how 12 different panels treated their panelists. A must read for researchers use recruit from panels.
  6. How Authentic are We Online? – Edward Appleton examines some of the reasons consumers are more authentic and more calculating in their online activity, prompting interesting comments from Annie Petit, Tom Ewing and others.
  7. Gamification 101 – From Theory to Practice – Writing for Quirks, Jon Puleston of GMI provided a detailed introduction to his research on research into transforming survey questions by gamifying them. If you’ve yet to hear Jon present, this is a must-read.
  8. Riding the Change Wave – Lenny Murphy of the GreenBook Blog shared his keynote presentation at Net Gain 6.0.
  9. Will Social Media Kill MR? – Ben Leet of uSamp wonders about the impact of marketing’s direction interaction with consumers on their need for market research.
  10. Why convergence will define marketing research in 2012 – April Turner of MarketTools shares 10 trends for the research industry in 2012, as mobile, gamification and social media converge on traditional research.

Jeffrey Henning is the chief marketing officer of Affinnova.


Editor’s Note: A big thanks to Jeffrey, Tamara, and the Affinnova team for bringing us this great summary every two weeks!

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