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Want To Win A Free Pass To BAQMaR Annual Conference 2011? Here’s How!

There are a handful of “special” conferences out there in the research world; the annual Net Gain conference by the MRIA, the MRMW conferences (but I am biased on that one), and the BAQMaR Annual Conference are a few that come to mind. These events are special because they are smaller in scale but very big in ideas. These are the events that often showcase the emerging thinking that comes to define the industry afterwards. Based on the agenda and description, this year’s BAQMaR conference will certainly be no exception:

In the last 5 years the rise of the internet and especially social media caused a boom in new opportunities we as researchers and analysts have: new data sources, alternative ways of collecting data & engaging marketing people with the consumer world. Next to that science moved on and showed us that consumer behavior is less rational than we think. A shocking fact that is putting question marks to everything we do.

This year’s conference will bring together some of the brightest minds of the industry who found ‘creative ways’ to grasp the new opportunities or to overcome some of the issues we face today. Let’s take you on a journey to discover all the creativity that is out there!

The agenda is a stellar lineup of thought leaders on the emerging paradigm of “new MR”:

BAQMaR President Tom De Ruyck was gracious enough to ask GreenBook and myself to help raise awareness of the event, and since I love contests we decided to do something fun. Here is the scoop:

Create a short (less than 2 minute) video on the future of market research. It can encompass virtually any idea, viewpoint, or concept: it just needs to be creative and short. It can be a presentation, video, CGI, etc…; use whatever technique works best for you.The goal here is to promote new thinking and have fun while doing it.

Lukas Pospichal, Managing Director of GreenBook, Tom, and I will vote on the videos to pick the best one. We’ll judge the submissions on Friday December 2nd and the winner will get a free pass to the BAQMaR Conference, being held December 8th in Ghent, Belgium.  It’s that simple.

You can load your videos up on any site you’d like; you will submit your entry by posting a link on the comments section of this post. I’ll repost the videos next week after we pick the winner.

Have fun and good luck!

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