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The GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report For Fall 2011 Is Now Available!


It’s that time again folks! Continuing our strategy of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) study being a bi-annual tracking initiative with different focus areas in each wave, I am very proud to present to you the 2011 Fall Report. This is the 10th Edition of GRIT and the study has become one of the most important sources of information on trends within the global market research industry.

You can download the report in .pdf format or view it as an interactive magazine by clicking here.

Compared to prior waves of the GRIT study, the Summer 2011 wave is relatively compact. In addition to key issues that have been trended since the initial 2003 study, new questions on research technology, anticipated staffing characteristics and skill sets, and anticipated changes to marketing research methodologies and business models were asked. Specific probes on influential and/or authoritative industry organizations were also included. We investigated spending levels, the overall levels of optimism vs. trepidation, and how the industry perceives and is reacting to change.  Even the moniker “marketing research” itself was a subject of this most recent wave, along with the standard complement of annual GRIT tracking questions.

There has been a lot of debate about whether new technology adoption within market research, especially mobile and social media, is over hyped. Well, I think the latest data from GRIT tells us that although some techniques may be over-hyped when compared to current or planned adoption, that is unarguably NOT the case with mobile, MROCs, social media research, and text analytics.

Another area of exploration in this wave was the level of influence of trade organizations vs. new media platforms. The results of this inquiry are very revealing and indicate that during this time of transition for the industry no clear organizational leader has emerged to help shepherd the industry through the paradigm shift we are clearly in the middle of.

I hope that you’ll join me in heartfelt appreciation for the contributions of our sponsors for this wave: The American Marketing Association, Surveys & Forecasts, Market Research Global Alliance, Decooda, Brand3Sixty, Decipher, OdinText, Next Gen Market Research, iPinion, Netbase, and Anderson Analytics. Their hard work makes GRIT possible.

Again, you can review the report here.

I think you’ll find the report informative, provocative, and useful. Enjoy!

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5 responses to “The GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report For Fall 2011 Is Now Available!

  1. I have just read GRIT and it is a nicely produced document. However whilst I am still in disgrace over my response to Jason Leonard’s piece by my assuming thatFoo Fighters was a game (my children did find out and I have been severely humbled) I am tempted again to stick my neck out and query what appears to be a fundamental flaw in the report. It claims to be a report on research industry trends but does not mention any of the conventional data collection methods which represent well over 60% of the value of research carried out. Furthermore, how can a sample based on the customers etc of the reports sponsors possibly be represenative of the research industry. As I have pointed out before, you mention in your methodology that you have drawn a random sample but it appears that the random sample is drawn from a meaningless universe.

    1. Thanks Mike; we do take pride in delivering an impactful, visually interesting, and professional publication. I wouldn’t worry too much about the kids; we’re supposed to be uncool, it goes with being parents.
      You are correct; in this wave we only focus on emerging technologies, but if you look at the previous wave you’ll see that we cover all techniques in use and we will do so again in the upcoming Winter data collection phase in December. By design GRIT has two annual phases, and although there is commonality between the two for some questions, in other cases we split up the topic areas to control the length of the survey and because I doubt there are significant changes in responses in 6 month increments.
      Regarding sampling, I stand by my assertion that the sampling model is appropriate. Between GreenBook, MRGA, NGMR, and AMA we collectively have access to over 70K researchers globally. The contributions of sample by other sponsors is negligible. While I don’t know census numbers for global MR professionals, I’m pretty sure what we achieved is extensive and representative coverage. We sample from those populations while also augmenting with a social media sampling model across multiple platforms in order to cast as wide a net as possible. I surely would not call that a “meaningless universe” and would challenge anyone to come up with a better, more pragmatic model.
      My belief is that our universe is more representative than any other comparable study (ESOMAR, CASRO, Honomichl, MRA, Quirks, etc…) because we do not limit ourselves to members of specific trade orgs or publications, but rather encompass the widest possible sample frame to cover the industry. That said, I do believe that client side, emerging markets, and some niches are under represented and we continue to try to find ways to address those issues.
      In any event, take it or leave it Mike, or treat it as directional. It’s a free service I provide to the industry in an effort to give back to it and it is not meant to be anything else.

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