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Carrie Robbins on The State of Mobile Market Research


Editor’s Note:  Dana Stanley over on the MRGA blog conducted an interview with GreenBook Blog contributor Carrie Robbins about her “Mobilizing Market Research” publications. It’s a nice adjunct to the publication and covers a lot of territory on the topic of mobile research. Dana has graciously given me permission to repost it here. Enjoy!
By Dana Stanley

At the Market Research in the Mobile World ’11 mobile market research conference last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Carrie Robbins of Lieberman Research Worldwide.

Carrie is a young researcher who recently completed Master’s studies in communications at USC and the London School of Economics.  Her thesis centered on mobile market research.  GreenBook recently published her paper, entitled “Mobilizing Market Research.”

Carrie interviewed a wide range of industry experts for her paper, including:

Vivek Bhaskaran (Survey Analytics)
Greg Bovitz (Bovitz Research Group)
Mike Clarke, Cris Sunada and Joanne Robbibaro (Lieberman Research Worldwide)
Elaine B. Coleman (Resolve Market Research)
Chris Hobson (txteagle)
Palanivel Kuppusamy (iPinion Surveys)
Kristin Luck (Decipher)
Michael McCrary (Federated Sample)
Leonard Murphy (BrandScan360)
Ari Popper (BrainJuicer)
Kristin Schwitzer (Beacon Research)
Sabine Stork (Thinktank)
Jim Whaley (Globalpark USA)

Carrie summarizes some of the key conclusions from her paper, and she reveals she’s working on another analysis to be published by GreenBook this fall, a review of mobile survey applications.  I’m looking forward to checking that one out when it’s available.

The State of Mobile Market Research – Carrie Robbins Interview by mrgasn


You can stay in touch with Dana Stanley on Twitter here and with Carrie Robbins here.

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