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Mobile Research Conference Wrap-Up Interview

Last week MRGA General Manager Dana Stanley attended Market Research in the Mobile World ’11 at Kennesaw State University’s Coles College of Business in suburban Atlanta.  The conference, sponsored by the Merlien Institute and Greenbook, was chaired by Lenny Murphy, president of BrandScan 360 and editor of Greenbook Blog.

Dana interviewed Lenny about the conference on Friday, July 22nd, two days after its conclusion.  Lenny gave an overview of the conference’s modules and gave his impression of which themes and which presentations made a particular impact.  Dana and Lenny discussed their take on what made this conference different from some others they have attended recently.  Lenny also shared his views on mobile research in more detail and gave his perspective on the countervailing point of view.

Dana and Lenny also discussed the networking outings at the conference, including a mixer put on by The Research Club and a live musical performance by Mark Michelson.  Lenny then previewed some activities he’s planning over the coming months, and he gives Dana a scoop about new venture with which he’s involved.

Lenny Murphy can be found on Twitter at @lennyism; Dana Stanley’s Twitter handle is@DanaMStanley.

#MRMW11 Wrap-Up with Leonard Murphy by mrgasn


  • Starts at min 0 : Introduction, overall event impressions
  • Starts at 4:15 : Highlights of event – notable speakers and messages, emerging markets discussion
  • 8:13 : Mobile research skeptics
  • 12:05 : Practical takeaways, feedback from attendees
  • 14:45 : Broader social and cultural implications (social media and mobile in Egypt, Libya etc)
  • 16:20 : Networking events at conference, opportunities for partnerships developing
  • 21:20 : Twitter stream, videos of conference
  • 27:00 : Post conference implications, GB Blog
  • 30:45 : Upcoming events, Lenny’s breaking news

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