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Following up on the Great Mobile Research Debate

Yesterday was a fun day! The debate we pulled together happened very much on the fly and it was an interesting experiment to see if we could take the buzz around a social media conversation, tie that into an upcoming conference, and turn all of that into momentum for a virtual event. It worked better than I had hoped, and not only did we have fun, but I think we advanced the conversation around mobile research quite a bit and laid a great foundation for the dialogue we’ll have at the Market Research in the Mobile World conference on July 19-20.

Jeffrey “Fastest Blogger in the West” Henning produced a great synopsis of the opening salvos; you can find that here or a slightly edited version on here.

Ray Poynter recorded the entire  debate; you can find that here or via the embed below.

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Thanks to my fellow debaters for being such smart folks and good sports:

  • Michael Alioto,  Vice President, Marketing Sciences, Gongos Research
  • Reg Baker, COO, Market Strategies International
  • Leonard Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, GreenBook Blog
  • Ray Poynter, author of the Handbook of Online & Social Media Research

And special thanks to our brave Moderator who kept us inline and on track, Roxana Strohmenger of Forrester Research

One interesting thing that came out of the debate was an apparent hunger for more tightly focused forums like this, especially around big issues like social media, privacy, research transformation, etc… We’re exploring that idea and I think we’ll have some cool things coming down the pike on that idea soon.

I will be back with a few more thoughts on some of the issues raised by my esteemed colleagues, but I’m also juggling getting the next wave of GRIT ready to go (launching next week I hope!), prepping for the Market Research in the Mobile World conference (just a week away!), and keeping about another 100 different balls in the air so that will have to come later.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and who worked behind the scenes to make this a success!


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