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Interview with Join the Dots on the Future of Market Research


A few weeks ago I was honored to be asked by Join the Dots to be interviewed by them as part of their re-branding launch. The topics we covered a wide swath of topics related to current trends in the market research industry as well as the future of our profession. The Join the Dots folks are very smart and asked some great questions, and I can only hope my answers were half as good.

Now, I’ve been told I have a face for radio, so it may be that audio only would be a better bet here, but for anyone that has a masochistic bent or is suffering from insomnia the full interview with video is now available.

There was a glitch with the audio and video sync, but I’ve tried to patch them back together (I’m no video editor, so the results are not perfect!) and posted the interview in three parts on the MRGA site. You can also play the embeds here:

Part 1 of 3:

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Here is Part 2 of 3:

Find more videos like this on MRGA


Here is part 3 of 3

Find more videos like this on MRGA


Thanks again to the fabulous team at Join the Dots for asking me to pontificate a bit more on my favorite subject. I enjoyed the conversation immensely and hope that maybe others in the industry may find some value in listening to this as well.


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