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Celebrating our 1st Anniversary by Launching the GreenBook Newsletter & Blog Badges!

So, we’re one year iSign up for the GreenBook Market Research Newsletternto this adventure in blogging and I have to say that it has succeeded far beyond my wildest dreams. We’ve gone from no readers to over 13,000 readers in May, and over 77,000 visitors YTD!

I am incredibly humbled that so many of my colleagues in the market research industry find value in what I and my great partners at the GreenBook have been trying to achieve. Thank you for your time, trust, and support; we will continue to work hard to keep on earning it.

To celebrate our 1st Anniversary and continue building on the platform of delivering value to the industry we’re rolling out two new features that we think you’ll enjoy: a bi-weekly newsletter and a badge system.

The GreenBook Market Research Newsletter is a bi-weekly summation of all of the best news, articles, blogs, and other content that is of interest to anyone involved with market research, consumer insights, strategic business intelligence, and new technologies for consumer engagement or feedback. I am functioning as the Editor-in-Chief (another hat to add to my collection!) and I am working hard to select articles & news that will inspire and inform. Click here to subscribe (opens in a new window).

There is a lot of noise out there and the flood of content can be overwhelming; this is our attempt to cut through the clutter and simplify your life by delivering the best information available every two weeks. We hope you enjoy it.

GreenBook and I embrace quality-conscious open networking wholeheartedly. From our partnerships with organizations like the MRGA, IIR, ESOMARAMA, QRCA, AIMRI, NGMR, and Merlien Institute to our multiple platforms like New Qualitative Research, ResearchVibes, ResearchShare, and GreenBook Health, plus network of contributors and blogs, we’re fans of sharing.

We like to promote quality content and those who produce it; a rising tide lifts all boats! It’s with that spirit of networking that we’re rolling out the GreenBook Badge system!

Thanks for Blogging! Featured Blog
Thanks for blogging! Featured Blog

The badge shows your active involvement in the market research online community and is a testimony to the quality content that you produce.  Badges add credibility, showcase stature in an unobtrusive way, and even improve your SEO.

To place the badge on your website or blog:

Download one of the badges, place it on your site, and link it to:

Badges are available both in JPG and PNG format. Example:

Thanks for making our first year such a spectacular success; we’ll continue to explore new ways to make your investment in time and energy with us worth your while!



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