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Cool Updates On Gamification And The AMA Market Research Executive Forum

The response to last week’s Guest Post by Betty Adamou and Research World Connect on the Future of Research Through Gaming was so great that I couldn’t resist posting this excellent presentation from Elias Veris of InSites Consulting as an unofficial follow-up.  Check it out:

View more presentations from Elias Veris

The topic of “gamification” seems to have reached critical mass (or at least major buzz levels) lately. Sean Copeland of the New Market Research blog also just posted a great article on the subject:

Gaming for Marketing or EVEN Market Research?! – An Interview with Andrew Matlock from Industry Games

With all this activity I am sure someone will take the leap soon and actually release a “research game”;  I wonder who will be first? My bet is that it will come from outside of the traditional market research industry, but I hope I’m wrong; It would be great to see a MR company lead the industry in this way!



Remember back in March when we posted about the great “Truth & Transformation: Activating Research to Lead Growth” Executive Leadership Forum put on by the AMA? It was a great event chock-full of fantastic action-oriented presentations by a bevy of senior client-side research leaders. Well, the AMA just released a report on the event and a webinar that includes some significant insights and recommendations for the industry.  You can download a copy of the report here:

040911 – MREF Final Report – actual final – no kidding

And you can register to watch the webinar here:

I hope you enjoy these updates as much as I did; they certainly provide great food for thought for the weekend!



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One response to “Cool Updates On Gamification And The AMA Market Research Executive Forum

  1. I notice as a marketeer dat involving gaming into my business strategies can improve my clientlist. Between all the stress that business generates between companies and invididuals there isn’t any better than having something to offer to associates that can ease their minds. Look at facebook for instance…how many people do play those orientated games? Many and they love playing them. Facebook reaches its goals this way by increasing their customerloyalty.


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