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Viva la Revolucion!

The Research Liberation Front has come up from the underground and are spreading their dissident ideas of “Set Research Free” via the web! Authorities are analyzing these videos in the hopes of identifying these rabble rousers who dare to try to upset the established order of things within the market research industry!

If you should know any of the people in these videos or have information on their whereabouts, please report them immediately to your local authorities. Under no circumstances should you listen to their heresy or embrace their radical views!

If you find yourself grinning, nodding, laughing, or agreeing with anything in the videos below you might be a research revolutionary too and you should report for re-indoctrination immediately!


In all seriousness folks, enjoy these videos from the Big Speak Easy event held during the ARF re:Think conference. It’s all in good fun, but like all good satire it is firmly anchored to real life. I hope it makes you think as much as it makes you chuckle; there is some good stuff here!


Overview RLF from Research Liberation Front on Vimeo.


Main Presentation from Research Liberation Front on Vimeo.

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