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Join Us At The Gaming and NewMR – Online Event, 20 January 2011

Gaming and NewMR – Online Event, 20 January 2011

The Gaming Event is an exploration of the context and opportunities created for market research by gaming. The Event has eight great speakers, each of whom will be adding a different perspective to the discussion. In order to make the Event as broad as possible and to maximise questions from the attendees we are limiting the presenters to just ten minutes each, allowing plenty of time for people to ask their questions.


If you want to attend, register at

The programme

The times below are in terms of GMT/London time, the times in brackets are in terms of EST/NewYork, the event runs from 2pm GMT (9am EST) to 5pm GST (midday EST).


2pm GMT (9am EST), Ray Poynter, Introduction

Erica Ruyle, “Play for a high score”, understanding gaming and gamers

Stefania Gogna, “Game On!”, a semiotician’s view of gaming and MR

Betty Adamou, “Research Through Gaming”, opportunities for change

Jon Puleston, “Game Theory”, using gaming to improve online surveys

3:30 GMT (10:30 EST) Comfort break

3:50 GMT (10:50 EST), Ray Poynter, Resume session

Arthur Fletcher, “Let’s all play the game”, applying game playing to qualitative research

Nigel Legg, “Trust, Identity, Reach and Reward”, the implications of social media

Leonard Murphy, “Mobile social games for market research”, challenging boundaries

Jeffrey Henning, “Prediction markets for fun and prophet”, putting gaming to work

5:25 GMT (12:25pm EST), Ray Poynter, Closing comments

5:30 GMT (12:30pm EST), End of Event

Accessing the slides and recordings

We will be making copies of the presentation and of the recordings available from the website, they should be there by about 28th January.

The Twitter backchannel

As well as asking question using the built in question facility in the event we invite everybody to follow the broader discussion by using the #NewMR hashtag.

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