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The Festival Of NewMR Is Here!


Several months ago Ray Poynter innocently (?) posted a question on the NewMR LinkedIn group asking what a grassroots MR event would look like, and now here we are a few months later making it happen! It’s been an honor for me personally to be on the Advisory Board of the Festival of NewMR with such a stellar group of colleagues from all over the world, and the GreenBook has been especially pleased to serve as a media partner for this bold new experiment in DIY virtual collaboration.

All of the hard work of many people has finally paid off and the Festival is here, with the Main Stage Webinar set to start! The Main Stage runs for 22 hours on Wednesday 8th December(see the programme on the front page of NewMR It is not too late to get tickets to attend. At just $50 it works out at less than $2 per speaker!

As well as being enabling you to attend the webinar the ticket provides access to copies of the slides and recordings of the presentations (which will be a mixture of recordings from Wednesday and from the rehearsal sessions).

You will still be able to buy a ticket after Wednesday, still for $50, which will provide access to the slides and the recordings.

If you have bought a ticket you should have received your, unless you have only just bought it. If you have not received it please contact us.

For more information on tickets visit the Ticket Sale page

Clash of the Titans – Online versus Offline Qual – a virtual discussion, including a live online debate on Tuesday 7th December. Visit to find out more and to sign-up.

Nigel Legg’s Monitoring the NewMR Buzz – Nigel is producing a daily report on the online discourse about NewMR, visit to get the latest. Nigel is offering a free webinar to explain his findings, on Friday 10th December, and you can sign-up to his webinar at

Discussions about the Presentations – there is a discussion thread for each presentation, why not add your thoughts or comments, you can visit the threads before, during, or after the live presentations. Some of the threads also include extra information (check out John Kearon’s for example For Part 1 (Asia Pacific) threads visit, for Part 2 (Europe/Africa) threads visit, for Part 3 (Americas) threads visit

Webinar to launch the HOSMR Website On Thursday 9th December Ray Poynter is providing a free webinar on his plans for the HOSMR website, this website is being designed to complement the Handbook of Online and Social Media Research. Go to find out more and to register for the webinar.

The winners of the Video Compeition (sponsored by NIPO Software) and the Poster Competition (sponsored by the Handbook of Online and Social Media Research) will be announced on Wednesday, during the Main Stage Webinar.

The Research Liberation Front’s Challenge is running from midday Monday to midday Tuesday, with 16 young contestants from 7 countries taking part (Australia, Chile, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UAE, and UK). Check the RLF page at for more information. We hope to announce the winner on Wednesday, during the Main Stage Webinar.

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