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Wellness (TMRE part #3)

by Robert Moran, Strategy One

Johanna Skilling at Saatchi & Saatchi presented her firm’s survey findings regarding wellness this morning.

The 2009 data was based on an online convenience sample collected via DIY survey software and the 2010 data was mixed-mode.

The data paints a directional portrait of a population living more deliberately, trying to stay within their means and watching their budgets.


In 2009, not surprisingly, the key driver was pervasive fear about the future. This tracks with data showing a majority of Americans are skeptical that they can maintain their standard of living moving forward. According to Skilling, controlling this anxiety was the key driver in wellness in 2009.

In 2010, the story is “a new resolve.” Americans have concluded that no one will take care of them or watch out for them except themselves. According to Skilling, the downturn has pushed Americans to build from the inside out:

1. Forgetting the Jones’
2. Investing in better health (food, fitness, physicals)
3. Looking good to feel good
4. Finding fun (based on bonding to a social network)

Of these the first tracks the closest with the collaborative consumption trend I have posted on previously.

The question still remains, are we seeing a reactive trend that evaporates when the economy grows again or are we seeing a larger, societal shift?

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