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For The Right Content, Millennials Will Pay To Play

The good folks at Iconoculture continue to provide very interesting insight into the value-driven behaviors of consumers. This time the focus is on Millenials and information in a recent AdAge white paper. The key finding is that for the “wired generation”, content and user experience are the key drivers of participation in online activities. What does this mean for MR? In my mind, it means that if we want to engage this important population in the insight gathering process we need to do a few things that are very different from the way most researchers conduct studies today:

  1. Keep it short
  2. Keep it interesting and engaging
  3. Go to where they are, which means social media and mobile platforms

As an industry, we would do well to look at companies like foursquare and Lockerz as models of how to engage young consumers, and adapt MR to fit into their paradigm.

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