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Welcome to the GreenBook Blog

The GreenBook Blog is dedicated to providing global market researchers with access to the most interesting content posted daily across the internet, coupled with original insight and thought leadership from industry movers and shakers from both sides of the table.

Each day we’ll be bringing you the most interesting articles, news, white papers, interviews, and opinions from the global market research online community, and every Friday we’ll select the “best of the best” and make that available via our newsletter. We’ll strive to do the hard work of parsing the flood of content available and make it as compelling as possible, and we  think you’ll enjoy the fruits of our efforts!

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One response to “Welcome to the GreenBook Blog

  1. Great initiative! On a side note, it’s also good to see an end to the duplicate posting across various LinkedIn groups – as this did create a bit of ‘noise’ IMHO. Happy to sign up here instead. Where does one subscribe to the weekly newsletter? Good luck with the blog.

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